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What is PlayStation Stars? Sony’s loyalty program explained

What is PlayStation Stars? Sony’s loyalty program explained


Launched by Sony in 2022, PlayStation Stars is a loyalty scheme for PlayStation users designed for more engaging gameplay. 

But what is the loyalty program and how does it work? Read on to learn more about PlayStation Stars and how to join.

What is PlayStation Stars?

Free to join, PlayStation Stars allows gamers to earn points by completing regular challenges and missions of varying difficulty. These points can then be traded in for digital collectibles and rewards. 

It’s worth noting that although free to join, enrollment isn’t automatic so you will need to register to start collecting points. 

You can find PlayStation Stars through the PlayStation App on your iOS or Android device. This includes your campaigns, reward catalogue and status level.

How can you earn points?

PlayStation Stars offer a few ways to earn points, including monthly challenges and game-specific objectives that vary in difficulty. For example, some “challenges” just include starting a game up whereas others require solving specific riddles. 

You can also earn points by completing custom campaigns that are created just for you, based on the games you play. 

PlayStation Plus members can also earn Stars points with eligible purchases made on the PlayStation Store. 

How can you join PlayStation Stars?

Joining PlayStation Stars is completely free and easy to do. You can either sign up through the PlayStation app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, or through the PlayStation website. 

Whichever method you use, you’ll need to sign in and register with your PlayStation Network account information. 

What can you earn with PlayStation Stars?

Earned points can be redeemed for digital collectibles, games or digital wallet funds in your PlayStation rewards catalogue. 

You can also redeem limited-edition digital collectibles, inspired by PlayStation games and characters from the last 25 years to now. All collectibles can then be showcased in your digital display case via the PlayStation App.


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