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What is Pixel Shift Multi-Shot? The Fujifilm camera feature explained

What is Pixel Shift Multi-Shot? The Fujifilm camera feature explained


If you’re looking to capture huge high-resolution images on your Fujifilm camera, Pixel Shift Multi-Shot might be your answer.

Many brands market their own pixel shift features, offering an easy way to snap images with resolutions far beyond the usual capability of a camera’s sensor. On Fujifilm cameras, this feature is called Pixel Shift Multi-Shot.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Pixel Shift Multi-Shot, including what it is, how it works and which cameras support the feature.

What is Pixel Shift Multi-Shot? 

Pixel Shift Multi-Shot is an image compositing mode that makes it possible to capture incredibly high-resolution stills with a Fujifilm camera. 

This feature is ideal for when photographers need to create images much bigger and more detailed than the camera’s sensor can manage alone. For example, for commercial photography, archives, macro images and large prints. 

Pixel Shift Multi-Shot works by capturing 16-20 images in quick succession using the camera’s electronic shutter. The number of shots captured depends on the specific camera model. As it snaps the photos, the camera uses in-body image stabilisation to shift the sensor half a pixel between each shot in order to capture every detail and piece of information. 

The 16-20 shots can then be merged using Fujifilm’s Pixel Shift Combiner software or Capture One to create one huge high-resolution image. 

Like the number of shots captured, the exact final resolution of the image will depend on the camera used. For example, GFX100 series cameras will result in a 400-megapixel final image, while X Series users can expect a 160-megapixel result. 

Which cameras have Pixel Shift Multi-Shot? 

Pixel Shift Multi-Shot first launched on Fujifilm’s medium format GFX line but has more recently expanded to include the X Series APS-C cameras. 

You can find the feature on the following models: 


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