Home Top 10 What is HyperMotion V? The EA Sports FC 24 feature explained

What is HyperMotion V? The EA Sports FC 24 feature explained

What is HyperMotion V? The EA Sports FC 24 feature explained


A new dawn for the FIFA footballing sim series has almost arrived, with EA Sports FC 24 debuting on the 29th September. One of, if not the, most heavily touted new features is HyperMotion V. So, what is it?

Over the years, the FIFA series has featured jargon up the wazoo to attempt to sell players on new and, supposedly, ever more realistic features. The EA Sports FC series looks to be no different.

The upcoming iteration has rebranded its player traits system to the new Play Styles, complete with its own logo. HyperMotion technology is along for the ride too. The technology isn’t new to FIFA but it’s the latest iteration that we’re here to explain. Before, we get down to the important stuff… no, it isn’t the fifth version of HyperMotion, it’s actually the third. Thanks for that, EA. Read on for the key details.

What is HyperMotion V?

HyperMotion V is the third iteration of EA Sports’ motion capture technology, with the “V” standing for volumetric to represent the use of volumetric data from more than 180 professional football matches to bring improved realism to EA Sports FC 24. The data was acquired from matches across both the UEFA Men’s and Women’s Champions League, La Liga and the Premier League. HyperMotion V technology will only be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive including HyperMotion V technology

The volumetric data is used to influence player movements within the games, both individually and as a team. HyperMotion V technology aims to present authentic full-team movement along with 1,200 signature run styles – based on some of the top players in the world.

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The predecessor to HyperMotion V, HyperMotion 2.0 was introduced in FIFA 23, meaning more details on this iteration is publicly available. HyperMotion 2.0 touted advanced 11 vs 11 match capture, with players wearing suits to capture movement data. Other features included the use of Machine Learning to adapt with new animations in real-time, as well as ML-Jockey for animating how players jostle with each other. HyperMotion 2.0 also influenced technical dribbling, composed ball striking and player acceleration, with the aim of adding more personality and realism to FIFA 23. Further, it introduced match capture of women’s football as well, which is also set to be included within HyperMotion V.


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