You may have heard of Google Chrome, perhaps in conversation about what apps you should download on your new tablet or when asked how you browse the internet on your laptop.

But what actually is Google Chrome and what are the benefits of using it? Keep reading to learn more about the browser and its uses. 

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser that allows users to access web pages on the internet. As the name suggests, it was developed by Google back in 2008 and works across multiple devices, including iPhone, Android Smartphones and Tablets. It is also free to download and use.

Google Chrome is part of Google’s wider family of free services, including Gmail, Google Maps and Google Workspace. If you want a streamlined experience for emails, navigation and document storing, then using Google Chrome is an ideal choice as Chrome will make storing your settings and preferences much easier. 

Like other web browsers, such as Safari or Firefox, Chrome includes typical features such as bookmarks, history and settings. 

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Bookmarks allow you to save pages you want to access again in the future, but if you forget to save then there’s History, which has a list of all the pages you’ve visited in the past. Settings offers you numerous options to customise your Chrome browser, add Accessibility features to make using Chrome even easier, and other features. 

If you worry about security and keeping data private, Chrome also includes an incognito mode, that allows you to use the internet without having your cookies or site data tracked. 

What are the benefits of Google Chrome?

With a Google account, you can save your login information for numerous websites, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and access these pages by logging into your Google account on Google Chrome on another device. 

In the same way other web browsers work (such as Safari or Edge) where you type the web address URL you want to visit into the address bar, with Chrome you can also use this bar as a Google search bar. So instead of visiting the Google website and searching there, you simply just need to Google your query in the address bar.

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