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What Is A Toxic Relationship? Experts Explain Signs To Look For



As you can imagine, dealing with a dealing with a toxic relationship and everything that comes with it will have an impact. In the short term, this could look like simply missing out on the opportunity to date people who are good for you. But it could also lead to embarrassment, according to sexologist and sensual yoga teacher Joy Berkheimer Ph.D.

If a toxic person love-bombed you, for instance, “You end up telling all your friends about it and possibly posting about it,” she explains, adding that this is often followed by the silent treatment with unknown causes, bouts of sudden passive-aggressive jealousy, or outright insults to your appearance and/or intelligence that leave you speechless.

Then, [you don’t want] to share anything with anyone about this interaction anymore,” Berkheimer explains.

And in the long term, the effects of dealing with a toxic relationship are more serious. This can look like being isolated from your loved ones, changes to your body from exhaustion due to arguments or anxiety from relationship distress, emotional turmoil from feeling confused by a partner who keeps you in an ongoing cycle of break up and getting back together, and trauma bonding

Trauma bonding is connecting with an abusive person who mistreats you emotionally, physically, and/or sexually. Unconsciously, you form a strong bond with your romantic partner to cope with your trauma or abuse—and Berkheimer says this is a recipe for a dangerous disaster.

The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the harder it is to break away. In these partnerships, there’s an imbalance of control and continual aggression.


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