Home Politics WAYNE ROOT: It’s Time to Start Asking- Is Satan in Charge of the Democrat Party? | The Gateway Pundit

WAYNE ROOT: It’s Time to Start Asking- Is Satan in Charge of the Democrat Party? | The Gateway Pundit

WAYNE ROOT: It’s Time to Start Asking- Is Satan in Charge of the Democrat Party? | The Gateway Pundit


By Wayne Allyn Root

In the past week, the Biden administration gave another $10 billion dollars to the world’s worst terror state, Iran. What sane person would do that? And why?

Obama gave a hundred billion to Iran a few years back. Biden (and his boss Obama) have given Iran $80 billion more since Biden as elected- including $6 billion only a couple weeks before the Hamas terror attack on Israel.

Biden (and his boss Obama) either directly paid for the Hamas attack on Israel, or emboldened Iran by foolishly giving them billions with no preconditions.

But as bad as that was…at least Biden (and his boss Obama) released all those billions of dollars BEFORE the Hamas attack on Israel.

How can anyone explain the fact that Biden (and his boss Obama) just released another $10 billion to Iran AFTER the worst mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust. No one in the world can be that dumb. Not even a brain-dead president wearing diapers. So this is more about evil, than dumb.

But wait, there is more.

Look at our open borders. Who in their right mind would leave our border with Mexico open and wave the whole world in- including violent criminals released from the world’s worst prisons, rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, human traffickers, pedophiles, migrants bringing third world disease, MS-13 gangbangers, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, and military-age males from our worst enemy- China.

Did I mention the drugs coming into our open border- like Fentanyl? Drug overdoses kill well over 100,000 Americans a year. The way illicit drugs are pouring through our wide-open border, that number is certain to rise to 150,000 deaths annually, maybe even 200,000, or 250,000.

That’s a lot of dead Americans- mostly young Americans.

Do the math. Over the next decade that could add up to TWO MILLION dead American kids. That’s on top of the million American kids who have already died in recent years from drug overdoses. These are all someone’s sons and daughters.

One of them could one day soon be YOUR child.

Knowing all of this, who could possibly want the border open? Who could possibly want to welcome the whole world in to ruin the greatest nation in world history, ever blessed by God?

Who would wave in fentanyl that will kill huge numbers of American kids? Who would wave in millions of third world foreigners with deadly third world diseases like TB, polio, smallpox, or Ebola? It just can’t be a mistake. No one is this dumb, or incompetent.

This is the intentional destruction of America.

The people who are purposely leaving the border open, allowing America to be overrun by an invasion of barbarians sent by our enemies…that will either bankrupt us all and collapse our economy under a mountain of debt…or kill our children with drug overdoses…or kill us all with disease…or just murder us…

Are the exact same people giving billions of dollars to Iran to fund terrorism all over the world- including monies used to savagely mass murder Jews and even Jewish babies in Israel.

And anyone with a brain knows that because of the open border we will soon be experiencing terrible terror attacks right here in the USA.

The thing is…

We know exactly who is doing these terrible, evil, unimaginable things to America- Joe Biden (and his boss Obama) and the Democrat Party.

Why would anyone allow this? Why would anyone commit both these heinous acts at the same time? Let’s really think about this.

Are they crazy? Mentally insane? Suicide bombers? Communist traitors?

Or could they be “on the take?”

Are Democrats being bribed billions of dollars into offshore accounts to allow our enemies to poison our population, collapse our economy, murder our own people, and destroy the greatest nation in world history?

I’m thinking they’re all getting big bribes from Iran. And even bigger bribes from the Mexican Drug Cartels. And the biggest bribes of all from China. They’ve sold us out. Et tu, Brute?

There is only one other explanation…

Could Biden (and his boss Obama), and the leadership of the Democrat Party be taking orders from the devil himself? Is this Satan’s vision the Democrats are carrying out? Is Satan in charge? Are we in “end times?”

It’s time to really look at what is happening and why. There really is no other rational explanation for the madness of the people running our country.

Democrats are either insane…evil…self-hating suicide bombers…communist traitors…corrupt, bribed and playing for our enemies…or playing for Satan.

These horrifying choices are the only way to explain what is happening to America.

Only God and Donald J. Trump can save us now.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Watch Wayne’s TV shows- “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV Network on Saturdays at Noon ET…and Wayne’s daily TV show on Lindell TV 2 at 7 pm ET at FrankSpeech.com. He is also host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, daily at 6 pm ET. Wayne’s latest book is a #1 bestseller, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” You can order here: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Patriot-BUY-cott-Book-Conservative/dp/099173372X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1676215826&sr=8-1


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