The illegal immigrants coming across the southern border from around the world know they’re free to invade our country, and they love Joe Biden for it.

Make no mistake. The cartels, terrorists and human traffickers have this appreciation for the lawless Biden Regime. These are not “refugees,” women and children, or well-intentioned people.

They don’t care what it costs us to let them into our country to take jobs, commit crimes, drain resources and suck off American taxpayers.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday on the massive breach in Lukeville, Arizona, and the massive line of African military-age males who breached the border, chanting “America! America!”

DEVELOPING: Border Wall Breach and Mass Incursion Taking Place in Lukeville, Arizona – Endless Line of African Illegals Charge Over Border (VIDEO)

The male illegals from northern Africa cheered as they ran over Fox News reporters to brag about illegally entering the United States.

This is after there were 12,000 encounters with illegal aliens at the southern border on Wednesday.

More than 10 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age men – have flooded into the US since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.

The only helpless women and children are the ones being trafficked and raped by criminals.

One individual named Osama from Morocco, a 99%+ Muslim Country, spoke to News Nation’s Ali Bradley after he illegally crossed the border into Arizona and thanked Joe Biden after telling Ali how he plans to find work and drive for Uber.

Osama told Bradley that he doesn’t care what Americans need to pay for him to be in the country because he paid 7,000 dollars and “because America is my dream.” He continued, “If America doesn’t want me, I’m here for America.”

Laughably, despite being in the country illegally, Osama claimed to “respect American rules.” After acknowledging that he broke the rules, he claimed he did not know there was a legal way to gain entry to the US and told the reporter, “I have no idea how to get a visa to travel to America,” and that this is his “first and last” mistake. Yeah, right…

Osama said he plans to stay with his friend in New York City and drive for Uber to make money and buy a car. Numerous states issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Jokingly, he threatened he would kill himself if he were sent back to Morocco, and others laughed in agreement. Another illegal stated that he is “broke” after paying to come to America.

When asked more about plans to find work, Osama and another immigrant agreed that it would be “easy,” telling Bradley that it is also easy to find work in Morocco. Osama claims he was a videogamer and YouTube streamer in Morocco but deleted all of his content before coming to the US.

Clearly, These are not “asylum seekers.” These people didn’t need to come to America to save their lives or find opportunities. They came because the door is wide open.

Osama even said he does not want his family to move to America, indicating that they are perfectly safe in Morocco.

At the end of the interview, Osama and another man said, “Thank you, Joe Biden!” and “We love you, Joe Biden!”

Bradley shared the interview on X Thursday. Watch below:

AZ: “If I pay $7,000 for America, it’s… I don’t care.” I talked extensively with 20-year-old “Os” (short for Osama) from Morocco who says because he paid money to get here, Americans can pay to help them.

He tells me he was a streamer/gamer in his country and is hoping to drive Uber in New York where he says he has friends. He says he wants to pay into the system and work, despite not legally being able to do so—He and another guy from Morocco say they will “easily” find a way to make money here.

He says he would rather kill himself than go back to Morocco because there was “no future” there—He and others also expressed their gratitude and love for @POTUS

None of the individuals I spoke to from Africa knew about the CBP One App that allows migrants to sign up for “legal entry” through a port when they are in Central America and Mexico—Os allegedly traveled through both.

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