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London, United Kingdom — A woke activist was left “shocked” during an anti-Israel protest Saturday in London after he attempted to convince pro-Palestinian Muslims to support trans ideology, only for it to blow up in his face.

As Fox News reported Monday, the incident began when a conservative activist named “Billboard Chris” brought a sign that read, “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

The woke leftist then tries to brainwash the Muslim women in attendance that “Billboard Chris” was trying to spread anti-gay propaganda.

He’s trying to propagate anti-LGBTQ propaganda. He’s trying to tell children that they’re not allowed to be transgender.

Say what you want about conservative pro-Palestinian Muslims but they are the exact opposite of woke. A woman who heard the whining liberal started roasting him.

“Yeah, they’re not. Stop talking bro. You have Black nail polish on and you’re a man, bro. Stop talking.


Another woman told the woke male that supporting trans ideology runs counter to the Islamic faith.

In our religion, you can’t do that. We don’t agree.

The group of females then turned around and demanded the activist identify what religion he belonged to.

What do you identify as?

The shocked leftist refused to answer and walked away instead. While he was leaving, a woman in the group then leveled one final insult:

You identify as sh*t, my bro.

Billboard Chris reacted with bemusement to the incident and noted that the masked “man” hurled an insult at him prior to his attempted brainwashing.

One could say the woke leftist got off easy, considering he decided to spread his nonsense in the UK. Just imagine if he had tried this in Gaza.

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