Home Politics Washington D.C. Attorney General Basically Tells Jim Jordan And James Comer To Go Pound Sand

Washington D.C. Attorney General Basically Tells Jim Jordan And James Comer To Go Pound Sand

Washington D.C. Attorney General Basically Tells Jim Jordan And James Comer To Go Pound Sand


The Washington D.C. Attorney General responded to Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan’s request for documents by offering the Republicans nothing about the investigation into Leonard Leo.

Washington D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb wrote in a letter:

I am in receipt of your October 30, 2023, letter seeking confirmation of, and documents relating to, a “reported effort to investigate Leonard Leo and certain nonprofit organizations with which he is affiliated.” 1 Consistent with the policies of law enforcement agencies across the country, it is the policy of the D.C. Office of the Attorney General (OAG) not to confirm, deny, or otherwise comment on potential or pending investigations. That well-established policy preserves the integrity of the investigative function.

I recognize and respect that our constitutional system of government empowers Congress to conduct oversight to assist it in carrying out its legislative duties. I am, therefore, open to further discussion about whether your respective Committees’ requests have a legitimate legislative purpose that OAG can help achieve without compromising the integrity of our work. To that end, I appreciate this opportunity to explain OAG’s policy regarding public comment on investigations, as well as our legal authority on the general subject matter outlined in your letter.

The Attorney General spends the remaining pages of the letter laying out his office’s legal authority to investigate Leonard Leo.

The AG made it clear that Jordan and Comer are going to get nothing. The two House Republican chairs wanted documents related to the investigation, as their intention was clearly to interfere and compromise the investigation into a top Republican moneyman who is most well known for hooking up conservative Supreme Court justices with billionaires that provide them with loans and gifts.

Jim Jordan has pulled this stunt before as he has tried to interfere in the Manhattan, Georgia, and federal prosecutions of Donald Trump.

House Republican abuse of power isn’t limited to only trying to protect Trump.

Comer and Jordan are also willing to abuse their power to protect people like Leonard Leo.




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