Home Top 10 Use this Prime Day deal to upgrade your graphics card on the cheap

Use this Prime Day deal to upgrade your graphics card on the cheap

Use this Prime Day deal to upgrade your graphics card on the cheap


MSi’s excellent GeForce 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio graphics card has seen a £105 price cut on Prime Day, giving PC gamers an opportunity to soup-up their setups at a discount. 

For today only, with an Amazon Prime account, you can pick up one of the most refined gaming GPUs on the market for just £345.30, a great deal for a GPU that normally costs £449.99.

There are a lot of positives to be found with the various 3060 Ti models on the market, but MSi’s Gaming X Trio edition may be one of the very best – MSi has worked especially hard on the fans, making sure they provide both optimum cooling and beautifully muted noise levels. 

MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio graphics card, less than £350

A great GPU at a great price, this deal will score you one of the quietest and most well-cooled GPUs on the market.

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  • Was £449.99
  • Now £345.30

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MSi calls its cooling system TRI FROZR 2 Thermal Design, and it works like a treat with this GPU. The ability of the 3060 Ti Gaming X Trio to distribute cool air throughout the unit is truly impressive, and a system of pipes which distributes heat across the heatsink is also efficient and effective. As mentioned above, the noise level of this GPU is really something – do not expect to hear the fans above any game you load up.

While cooling is vital to a good GPU, so is the performance. MSi has you covered here too, and for the price this GPU performs very well. It may not be able to perform smoothly in 4K on some of the most demanding titles, but it will clear almost any game in 1440p at high settings with ease. Some benchmarks suggest the card actually performs well over MSi’s advertised 1845 MHz clock speed, although we haven’t tested this out in-house. 

Overall, this is easily one of the best first-hand GPU deals you’re likely to find under £400, so if you’re looking for a quality GPU for a mid-range PC build, this is the deal for you.


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