Home Politics USCP Inspector Thomas Lloyd Commanded Cops To Fire Munitions At Peaceful Protesters on Jan. 6 LIES And Cries To Judge Kelly During Proud Boys Sentencing Hearing | The Gateway Pundit

USCP Inspector Thomas Lloyd Commanded Cops To Fire Munitions At Peaceful Protesters on Jan. 6 LIES And Cries To Judge Kelly During Proud Boys Sentencing Hearing | The Gateway Pundit

USCP Inspector Thomas Lloyd Commanded Cops To Fire Munitions At Peaceful Protesters on Jan. 6 LIES And Cries To Judge Kelly During Proud Boys Sentencing Hearing | The Gateway Pundit


US Capitol Police Inspector Thomas Lloyd Jr., who ordered the initial command for cops to spray lethal munitions during the Capitol riot “completely fabricated” a narrative about protesters waging a “terror attack” against police to District Federal Judge Timothy Kelly in federal court. This took place before this week’s sentencing hearing for Proud Boys Joe Biggs, Ethan Nordean, Zach Rehl, Dominic Pezzola and Enrique Tarrio. 

In an effort to persuade Judge Kelly to add terror enhancement to the defendant’s sentences, Lloyd alongside U.S. Capitol Police Officer Shae Cooney Mark Ode broke down in tears claiming they were traumatized victims of an insurrection that was planned and orchestrated by the former Proud Boys leaders who were found guilty of seditious conspiracy.

J6 attendees who claim they tried to help police officers or enticed police to join them in stopping the certification of the election are using the same tactics as domestic abusers trying to sweet talk their victims, Inspector Lloyd argued in a victim impact statement.

“After [protesters] lost the line at Peace Circle, they established another police line at the base of the Lower West Terrace. This wasn’t good enough for the mob… they attacked [again]. I witnessed the most violent fighting in my 33-year career,” he told the judge, noting MPD officers responded without protective gear.

Loyd claimed his officers were attacked with “hammers,” “frozen water bottles,” and “poles” among other weapons and insisted police not only “the saved lives” of members of Congress, but rescued protesters that were in the fray.

“The mob made their way to the House chamber. Once again, myself and just a handful of officers established a police line at the House main door. One of my officers made a valiant attempt to reason with dozens of angry protesters, who once again breached our police line,” he said. “The strength of the door saved several protesters who would have been shot if that door had been breached.”

Llloyd recalled evacuating members of Congress while rioters breached the East side of the Capitol building.

“One protester tragically lost her life” during this breach, he noted, in reference to slain Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.  He then disputed allegations that police officers waved protesters into the building.

“A recent video emerged alleging my officers were ‘tour guides’ from 12:53 p.m. to approx 6 p.m.,” he said. “The mob was in control of the exterior. From 2:10 to 4:30, the mob controlled the interior. When a mob controls one-third of the US government, you’ll see disturbing videos of police being at the mercy of rioters.

“Some defendants have stated they assisted my personnel. This is the same method used by domestic violence [perpetrators] when they want to attack their victims.”

Enrique Tarrio, who was not in Washington DC during the Capitol riot. Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl and Ethan Nordean committed no violent crimes during the riot as they dodged rubber bullets, flash grenades and canisters of tear gas that police indiscriminately fired at demonstrators. They then walked through the Capitol building for approximately 20 minutes.

Dominic Pezzola found a police shield on the ground that he contends he used for protection during the blitz of lethal munitions by police and in a moment of rage, broke a window on the Senate wing side of the Capitol building before he walked through the building for approximately,

The government is seeking a 33-year prison sentence for Tarrio, 33 years for Joseph Biggs; 30 years for Zachary Rehl; 27 years for Nordean, and 20 years for Pezzola, the only defendant not convicted of seditious conspiracy.


[Biggs and Tarrio discussing plans for a rally to defend conservative demonstrators from militant Antifa Marxists in northern Portland  in Sept. of 2020.]

In a final statement to Judge Kelly, Lloyd began began crying as he blasted criticism of Capitol police.

He denounced a recently retired official for “slandering” him in the media while trembling with tears.

“This person said USCP officers would have shot more protesters if they were of a different use. I am disgusted by this,” Lloyd admonished. “This is the same official who sheltered in place while the Capitol was under attack. His unit arrived after the fight was over.”

One police officer was so badly beaten he subsequently “laid up in the hospital and kept alive until his family could show up,” he continued.

He concluded his statement detailing incidents of Capitol Police and MPD officers “dying and committing suicide” in the aftermath of January 6.

“I am not tired of doing court preparation” because I keep discovering new footage demonstrating “the courage of my officers,”

I am consistently asked if I ever grow weary of court trial preparation for Jan. 6. My answer is no because every time I see a new video, it shows the courage of my officers that day,”the veteran Capitol police officer cop exclaimed in his final argument for terror enhancements for the former PB leaders.

LLoyds’s account of police being “terrorized” by demonstrators during the riot is a “complete and total fabrication” from what actually transpired among law enforcement officials, warns David Sumrall, private investigator and founder of StopHate.com.

David Sumrall, private eye, StopHate founder.

Sumrall obtained all the footage of the Capitol “insurrection” at the start of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s unprecedented probe of Americans who protested the stolen election in the nation’s Capitol on January 6 which makes clear police officers did not shoot protesters in the face with deadly munitions in their own volition individually. Lloyd commanded them to indiscriminately open fire.

“We know, conclusively, Lloyd is the initiated the police to fire,” Sumrall told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

“Inspector Lloyd was in charge of the ground force that first met with the protesters in front of the Capitol. We searched for a long time to try to find out what started the violence from the police against the peaceful protesters,” he continued. “We scoured through video of the protesters saying, ‘Please don’t shoot us. We mean you no harm!’

“When I stumbled upon footage of Inspector Lloyd giving the initial orders to open fire on the crowd, I knew immediately that we had found a critical element, an opportunity to how the data has been manipulated to protect felons within law enforcement who started the fight in the first place.”

Sumrall acquired access to the thousands of hours of footage that Republican members of Congress refuse to publicly disclose while working as an investigator with defense attorneys representing J6 political prisoners including Joe McBride. McBride represented Daniel Goodwin, Richard Barnett and Ryan Nichols among several political prisoners, 

“I work with McBride on at least 11 different cases, then, other attorneys found out that I had my license and then they started hiring me,” Sumrall said. 

Joshua Black, a J6 defendant currently incarcerated for protesting was shot in his left cheek with the rubber bullet that nearly took his life after Lloyd commanded police to open fire.


Black is one of many J6 defendants and political prisoners who suffered physical injury amongst scores of many who protested that yet to be afforded justice.

Protesters, including children and the elderly, were suffocating from the tear gas, a chemical weapon the U.S. military is banned from using on the battlefield.

The timing of giving the order to blitz the crowd, escalating a peaceful protest into the most investigated demonstration in FBI history, was conspicuously timed, Sumrall argued.

“Lloyd is my main concern because he definitely looked up, gave orders, looked to the side gave orders. My question is the overlap between what was happening inside the chambers at that time as Sen. Ted Cruz was objecting — Seems like a funny coincidence that Inspector Lloyd gave the command to attack the crowd at the precise same time.

Sumrall is prohibited by law from reproducing or publishing footage that has not been exhibited during trial.

“If the lawyers aren’t hiring forensic investigators, they are not doing their clients due diligence. Put pressure on these attorneys so they have to use the video against cases.

The cops fired shots at the Proud Boys including Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl, Joseph Biggs, AJ Fischer, first.

“There’s Taylor Hansen’s video of the police opening fire with rubber bullets. There’s clear video of the front of the crowd, including Proud Boys by the big cross, where people were praying, of the police opening fire,” Sumrall explained.

Prisoner of war Ethan Nordean dodging bullets fired by cops on January 6.


“I don’t think the cops were in on the Intel, aware of this plan, as to who was who in the crowd. I really don’t. I think the police were overwhelmed, intentionally. It was choreographed chaos for the police equip their force with give them the proper intelligence or the proper equipment, or the proper staging or plan for the day. They invited a horrible situation to take place because they knew they were underprepared –and that was their intent.”

Sumrall’s assessment corroborates defense attorney Steve Metcalf’s account of the government-sanctioned assault of demonstrators and Inspector Lloyd’s criminal activity during the Capitol riot.

“This is crucial —  this is crucial — because this is where what everybody is saying about J6 being a set-up and a ‘fedsurrection,’ actually matters. But nobody is pinpointing the precise time,” Metcalf told TGP in May. “Everyone is saying, ‘There’s FBI agents in the crowd,’ ‘There’s CHSs in the crowd.’ There’s blah blah blah — I’ll tell you exactly where shit went crazy.

EXCLUSIVE J6 FOOTAGE | Defense Attorney Exposes THE EXACT MOMENT the Government Waged Attack: ‘I’ll Tell You Exactly Where Sh*t Went Crazy’ – With VIDEO PROOF – MUST SEE!

“It went crazy at that precise time when the protesters were all standing in the west side terrace and then shots start going off and people started getting hit in the faces… There were a couple of agitators in the crowd don’t get me wrong, but what took it to a whole different level is people being shot in the face with rubber bullets,” Metcalf continued. “That’s where people who were angry got even angrier and rightfully so.”

While the government categorizes rubber bullets as “less-than-lethal” munitions a “warning label on the firearm warns the munitions could be deadly,” noted Metcalf, who represents Pezzola.

Kelly will sentence Tarrio on Wednesday at 10 am Nordean at 2 pm, Biggs and Rehl on Thursday, and Pezzola on Friday.

As TGP has reported, Black Lives Matter leader Mark Fisher and freedom activist Chris Sky will lead a “National Prayer” vigil outside the E. Barry Prettyman courthouse as the prisoners of war are handed egregious prison sentences.

Judge Kelly has the opportunity to become America’s judge and end the Justice Department’s wicked persecution against the American people and unprecedented constitutional abuses surrounding January 6 in a probe that may result in the legitimate commander-in-chief in prison. Or he will side, again, with the government, as he has for the duration of the seditious conspiracy trial, and sentence men who committed no violent crimes during the protest to decades in prison.


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