Home Politics Trump Thinks Biden Is Masterminding His Indictment

Trump Thinks Biden Is Masterminding His Indictment

Trump Thinks Biden Is Masterminding His Indictment


In 2020, Trump tried to make Sleepy Joe his nickname for Biden, but the former president has shifted and now thinks Biden is the mastermind behind his Indictment.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Deranged Jack Smith, the wacko prosecutor that Corrupt Joe Biden and his Thugs stuck on me during the political campaign in which Biden is losing “BIG” (an absolute No, No!), just announced that he has spent over 9 million dollars, already, on this continuing Witch Hunt. Biden’s Special Prosecutor, by comparison, has spent almost nothing. Prosecutorial Misconduct for purposes of Election Interference!

The PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT rules the FAKE Indictment brought against me by the Department of Injustice and Deranged Jack Smith. They never even mention this FACT, and should be severely sanctioned for that and the WEAPONIZATION of Law Enforcement. I have been illegally TARGETED by very corrupt DOJ & FBI Trump Hating Thugs!!!

Trump’s shift in perception about President Biden mirrors the problem that Republicans as a whole have had in trying to label the President. Republicans can’t decide if Biden is a senile old man who can barely function or is he is a mastermind who using the Department of Justice to get Donald Trump.

Republicans had this same issue during former President Obama’s administration. Was Obama a huge threat to civilization through evil genius, or was he incompetent? Republicans could never figure out how to define Obama so he sailed through two terms in office with no scandals and left as one of the most well-regarded in the nation’s history.

Trump needs to link Biden to his Indictment because he is attempting to discredit it as politically motivated.

The former president’s reasoning falls apart due to the fact that Biden beat him handily in 202o, and may do so again in 2024.

With no facts to support his claims of innocence, Trump is relying on conspiracy theories that have come up with a whole new identity for President Biden.


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