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Trump Calls For “Deranged Jack Smith” and Merrick Garland to be Jailed After Latest Charges | The Gateway Pundit


President Trump on Friday lashed out at Special Counsel Jack Smith and US Attorney General Merrick Garland after the latest charges.

Special Counsel Jack Smith hit Trump with 3 additional charges in the investigation into classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago.

The superseding indictment, filed in the Southern District of Florida, claims Trump was part of a scheme to delete security footage from Mar-a-Lago.

Smith also charged a third defendant in Trump’s classified documents case on Thursday.

Jack Smith charged Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker who helped Trump aide Walt Nauta move boxes of documents around at Mar-a-Lago.

Carlos De Oliveira, 56, has been added to the obstruction conspiracy charges filed in the original charges.

Trump defended Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira in a Truth Social post on Friday morning.

“At the direction of Crooked Joe Biden and his Weaponized DOJ, Deranged Jack Smith is attempting to destroy the lives of two fine people who have worked for me (and have done a great job!) for a long time. They are being persecuted with one goal, to “Get Trump.” This is textbook Third World intimidation by rabid, lawless prosecutors. These same craven tactics were used, and failed, during the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch Hunt and other Hoaxes. We will not let Radical Lunatics destroy our Country!” Trump said.

President Trump called for Jack Smith and Merrick Garland to be jailed.

“They ought to throw Deranged Jack Smith and his Thug Prosecutors in jail, with Meritless Garland and Trump Hating Lisa Monaco. They have totally Weaponized the Department of Injustice. Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Boxes Case? Why was Hillary Clinton allowed to delete 33,000 emails, many of them Classified, AFTER getting a Subpoena from Congress? Why was Bill Clinton allowed to take tapes out of the W.H. in his socks? Why has no other President ever been charged? ELECTION FRAUD!” Trump said on Truth Social.

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