Home Politics Trump Asks The Supreme Court To Delay Jack Smith 1/6 Case

Trump Asks The Supreme Court To Delay Jack Smith 1/6 Case

Trump Asks The Supreme Court To Delay Jack Smith 1/6 Case


Trump appealed to the Supreme Court, and he is asking the highest court in the land to delay Jack Smith’s 1/6 case against him.

The Guardian reported:

Lawyers for Donald Trump asked the US supreme court Monday to keep on hold the criminal case over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results while he prepares to challenge a recent appeals court ruling that found he was not immune from prosecution.

The former US president met the deadline to ask for a stay – imposed by the US court of appeals for the DC circuit – ahead of an expected petition to thenation’ss highest court on the immunity issue, which his team has viewed as the best way to delay the impending trial.

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Trump needs a stay because his lawyers plan to petition the Supreme Court to hear his claim that he has immunity from prosecution. Donald Trump has lost in every court where he has attempted to assert that he has full and unlimited immunity.

Legal experts have suggested that it is uncertain that the Supreme Court will agree to hearTrump’ss immunity appeal because there does not seem to be a matter of unsettled law. Trump has not won a single case with his immunity claim, and the Constitution, along with previous legal precedents, appear to be very clear about the limits of presidential immunity.

The goal for Trumpisn’tt about winning in the Supreme Court. The former president is trying to delay the case until after election day.

The 1/6 federal case is the biggest threat to derailTrump’ss presidential campaign before November, which is why he is trying to make sure that he stalls the trial because polling shows that a conviction would make Trump unelectable.

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