Home Top 10 This Pixel 8 contract has a monthly cost of just £22.99

This Pixel 8 contract has a monthly cost of just £22.99

This Pixel 8 contract has a monthly cost of just £22.99


The Pixel 8 is an excellent option for Android users who want the best of Google’s vision for the platform. This deal is a phenomenal way to grab a handset with loads of data.

Mobiles UK is offering a Pixel 8 with 100GB of data for just £22.99 a month. The phone itself will cost a one-off upfront fee of £49.99.

Pixel 8 with 100GB data is remarkably cheap

Google’s Pixel 8 phone is popular among Android purists and you can get one with 100GB of data for a small upfront cost and just £22.99 a month.

  • Mobiles UK
  • £49.99 up front
  • £22.99 a month

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However, the 24-month contract comes out at just £601.75 in total. If you buy the Pixel 8 outright from Google, you’ll pay £699. And that’s without any data, minutes or texts.

This contract gets you unlimited minutes and messages on the iD Mobile network. It’s a mobile virtual network operator that’s owned by Carphone Warehouse and runs on Three Mobile’s infrastructure. That’ll mean some speedy 5G data at your fingertips.

The Pixel 8 is a favourite of ours at Trusted Reviews. It offers all-day battery life, a great 6.2-inch OLED display and a camera that performs impressively, aided by AI.

Our reviewer commented: “The Pixel 8 can capture some truly stunning images, packed with detail, vibrant colour and accurate skin tones, regardless of light conditions.”

It also has the benefit of operating system updates that’ll keep on coming pretty much until the handset dies. There’s now a promise of 7-years of OS updates, meaning you’ll get the best of Android for years and years to come.

We scored the phone at 4.5 stars from a possible 5, concluding: “The design looks a bit dated, but the Pixel 8 otherwise represents a great buy with impressive camera performance, unique AI-infused features and all-day battery life that make it a joy to use.”


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