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This Galaxy S23 price drop is unreal

This Galaxy S23 price drop is unreal


We’ve just stumbled across an absurdly good Samsung Galaxy S23 deal, which gets you the phone on contract for a scarcely believable price.

The deal is being offered by iD Mobile, and it’ll give you a Galaxy S23 on a 24 month contract, with 50GB of monthly data allowance (more than enough for most people), for a price of just £59 up front and £26.99 per month.

It’s tricky to work out what’s good value and what isn’t when you’re talking about monthly phone contracts, but this one’s quite simple. Tot up those figures and you’ll be paying £707.76 overall.

The RRP of the Galaxy S23 on its own, without any contract gubbins, is £849. Yep, this right here is a bone fide bargain.

Get the Galaxy S23 on contract for just £708

This iD Mobile contract gets you the Galaxy S23 and 50GB of monthly data for just £708 overall.

  • iD Mobile
  • 50GB of data
  • £59 up front, £26.99 a month

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There are some great extras here too. For one thing, you get a guaranteed extra £100 on your trade-in if you hand over your old phone. There’s also 6 months of free Disney+ being thrown into the mix right now.

So what’s the catch? You might not have heard of iD Mobile, but trust us when we say that this is isn’t the weak point of this deal. iD Mobile is actually the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) run by trusted UK high street retailer Currys.

It piggybacks on the Three network, too, so you can be assured of a solid and speedy experience.

The Galaxy S23 itself remains a compelling compact flagship phone, and one that’s well worthy of our 4.5-star review. It’s going to remain a relevant pick for some time to come.

All in all, we can’t find a fault with this Galaxy S23 deal. Go get it.


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