Home Top 10 These are the top iPhone 15 Pro pre-order deals we’ve found

These are the top iPhone 15 Pro pre-order deals we’ve found

These are the top iPhone 15 Pro pre-order deals we’ve found


Apple pulled back the curtain on the new iPhone 15 Pro last night and several UK networks have begun showing off their own deals for anyone wanting to upgrade.

There were very few surprises during Apple’s 2023 event but if there’s one device that definitely stood out from the pack, it’s the iPhone 15 Pro. This high-powered flagship boasts the new A17 Pro chipset which is supposedly powerful enough to run full triple-A games like Resident Evil 4 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and that’s before mentioning the use of titanium to build an even sturdier chassis.

The silent switch on the left hand side is also being replaced with a new ‘Action Button’, similar in concept to the one found on the Apple Watch Ultra 2, as it can be used to carry out a specific action decided upon by the user. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to, and if you’re looking to bag the iPhone 15 Pro as your next upgrade then these are the pre-order deals worth jotting down.

When can I pre-order the iPhone 15 Pro?

If you’re looking to be one of the early adopters of the iPhone 15 Pro then fear not, you’ll get the chance to upgrade very soon. Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 Pro will go live on Friday, September 15th at 1pm. After that, the phone will hit store shelves for general release on the following Friday, September 22nd.

iPhone 15 Pro pre-order deals

The deals featured below have yet to go live but they will be made available when pre-orders open up this Friday.

Sky Mobile

At the time of writing, Sky Mobile is the only network that has revealed to us its pricing for when the iPhone 15 Pro is available to pre-order. With a starting price of £33 a month for the phone itself, you have the option of adding anything from an 8GB to a 150GB SIM, costing an extra £8 and £26 respectively.

This means that if you want the full works then you’ll be looking at parting with £59 a month for the the 150GB option, but if you’re happy with less data then that 8GB pick will only come to £41 a month.


While Vodafone has yet to explcitily cite the upcoming prices for its iPhone 15 Pro contracts, it has divulged some impressive information when it comes to trading in your old handset.

For instance, if you’re trading in one of the models from last year’s iPhone 14 range then there’s a ceiling of up to £821 trade-in value to be had. This is particularly handy for anyone who simply needs to have the latest kit, as it offers an easy way of handing over your old handset whilst making sure that you get your hands on a new iPhone 15 Pro in time for launch.


We still need to wait until Friday to know the full extent of EE’s iPhone 15 Pro deals, but it has unveiled one package that’s sure to appeal to iPhone users who will want to make the most out of their new handset.

Other networks

As of yet we’re still awaiting more information from networks such as O2 and Three, but when that comes in we’ll make sure to update this page.


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