Home Top 10 These Adidas headphones have fallen to just £26

These Adidas headphones have fallen to just £26

These Adidas headphones have fallen to just £26


Anyone after a decent set of running headphones should check out this deal for the Adidas Sport FWD-001.

Amazon is selling these in-ear headphones for just £25.98. At launch, the Adidas Sport FWD-001 cost £130, which means you’re saving more than £100 on the RRP.

Save more than £100 on the Adidas Sport FWD-001

Amazon is selling the Adidas Sport FWD-001 running headphones for £25.98, which is a more than £100 saving on the RRP.

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  • Now £25.98

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The Adidas Sport FWD-001 fit securely in your ears using interchangeable ear tips and wings. They’re also IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance, which is obviously ideal when you’re running outdoors.

While true wireless earphones can easily be lost when indulging in physical activities, the Adidas Sport FWD-001 joins the two earpieces with a knitted cord, so if they fall out of your ears they will remain around your neck. The two earpieces are magnetised too, so when they’re not in use they can be quickly formed into a necklace of sorts.

You’ll get up to 16 hours of battery life, with autopause and passive transparency making them ideal for runners.

We can attest to the quality of the Adidas Sport FWD-001, having awarded them 4 stars out of 5 in our review. “The Adidas FWD-01 are a solid set of running headphones featuring above-average audio quality and a lengthy battery life,” we concluded.

They have great battery life, solid audio, and a rugged design, which is perfect for an energetic workout.

Remember that this recommendation was made back when the Adidas Sport FWD-001 cost £130. Now that they’re selling for a fraction of that price, they’re even easier to recommend.


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