Home Top 10 There was a secret Switch 2 demo at Gamescom, here’s what was showcased

There was a secret Switch 2 demo at Gamescom, here’s what was showcased

There was a secret Switch 2 demo at Gamescom, here’s what was showcased


Nintendo has reportedly given game developers sneak peak at the next generation Switch 2 console, which is expected next year.

A select few Gamescom attendees got access to a Switch 2 tech demo, which showcased some of the expected spec improvements, according to a Eurogamer report.

The demo showcased The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at a higher resolution and frame rate than it originally appeared on the original Switch console.

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Furthermore, VGC reports the demonstration also included the Unreal Engine 5 showcase, including that impressive The Matrix Awakens experience, which wowed the gaming masses ahead of the Xbox Series X and PS5 releases.

More intriguing still for those who’ve been seeking a highly capable Switch console to match that engaging gameplay, the demo was also said to include Nvidia’s DLSS AI-powered upscaling technology that’s available exclusively on its graphics cards, as well as advanced ray tracing and visuals not far short of the current-gen console titans.

There was no talk of the specs, but it’s likely the demo unit showed a representation of what the gaming giant is intending to use. Nintendo is yet to even confirm it plans to launch a successor to the Switch in the near-term future, let alone talk about potential features and specs.

Right now the company continues to break through sales records, with the 2017 Switch recently surpassing the Wii phenomenon in the United States. There’s a decent slate of games still to come in 2023, with Super Mario Bros. Wonder chief among them, along with Detective Pikachu Returns. The new Zelda game Tears of the Kingdom is still very new on the scene.

So we’d be surprised if Nintendo announced a successor is on the way before the new year and even then we wouldn’t be certain the next Switch will arrive in 2024.

Sound like it could be the real deal though, eh?


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