Home Top 10 The Xbox 1TB SSD Expansion has taken a rare price cut

The Xbox 1TB SSD Expansion has taken a rare price cut

The Xbox 1TB SSD Expansion has taken a rare price cut


Console storage space need not break the bank anymore, thanks to this deal from Currys.

Right now, Currys is offering a £43 discount on the 1TB Seagate SSD for the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, allowing you to pick one up for only £139. There are also savings on the 2TB and 512GB options, ideal if you want more or less storage.

Often, getting a reasonable amount of storage space for a console, be that Xbox or Playstation, can be an expensive exercise that represents a decent proportion of what you paid for the console in the first place – that can feel like an unfair and even sneaky additional cost at times, especially considering just how massive and costly AAA console games are today. 

That’s why deals such as this can be so helpful. And this is a quality SSD too: 1TB is more than enough for most gamers, and because Seagate has built this specifically for the Xbox, it should integrate seamlessly into your system, allowing for rapid load times you rightfully should expect from the newest generation of console.

Save £43 on a 1TB of Xbox-specialised storage

SEAGATE’s high-performing Xbox SSD has seen a rare price cut, which is seriously worth a look if you want to increase your storage space on Xbox.

  • Currys
  • Was £182
  • Now £139

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The SSD uses the most up-to-date and high-performing interface, that being PCIe NVMe, which is regarded to have four times faster read and write speeds than the slightly older SATA interface thanks to its use of four lane data transmission as opposed to one. On top of that, PCIe NVMe uses less power while still providing that quadruple performance – in other words, it’s a win-win technology.

So if you’re tired of deleting data on your Xbox in order to install that humongous new open-world title, and want to get a great deal as you upgrade your storage, hit up Currys today for this excellent offer.


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