Home Top 10 The Witcher on PS5 is down to its lowest price yet

The Witcher on PS5 is down to its lowest price yet

The Witcher on PS5 is down to its lowest price yet


Widely regarded as one of the very best gaming experiences of all time, you can experience the Witcher 3 today at a shockingly low price on Sony’s latest console.

That’s right – The Witcher 3, a game which stunned the world and has defined the direction of the RPG genre since its release in 2015, is now available for only £14.95 on the PlayStation 5. If you’re using an Xbox Series X, you can actually go one better, grabbing your copy for £13.95. In both instances, the deal is available for the Complete Edition of The Witcher 3, which includes all of the available DLC for the game, for even better value for money.

What is there to say about this game that hasn’t already been thoroughly covered? It received countless game of the year awards, is in the top-10 best selling games ever, and frequently finds itself in the discussion of the best games of all time. Our own review reflects this sentiment, labelling the game as “the new RPG by which all other RPGs should be judged”, with “the largest and most convincing fantasy open-world we’ve ever seen”.

The Witcher 3 now costs under £15

There are no better value-for-money deals in the gaming world right now than this offer on The Witcher 3. One of the very best games ever at a fraction of the cost of newer titles.

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  • Was £29.99
  • Now £14.95

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In recent times, RPGs have sharpened up their mechanics to match the fantastic world they build – compare the combat experience in Oblivion to Skyrim and you’ll see what I mean. The Witcher 3 however may be the zenith of that mission, with everything from swordplay to NPC interaction being intricately designed. 

The movement is standout – you can swim, jump and climb around the beautiful open world to your heart’s content, but the star of the show is your horse, Roach – players can spend countless hours trotting around the landscape, while also being able to charge headfirst into combat like some kind of magically-powered cataphract. 

One of the biggest changes from The Witcher 2 is Geralt himself, being a more mature, well-refined character with a fascinating story that you’ll want to follow to the very end. From the atmosphere to the dialogue, this world is perfectly immersive and supremely well-crafted.

I could go on all day about this game – many writers have – but you owe it to yourself to grab the game in its best form while it’s so cheap, particularly if you’ve yet to play it.


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