Home Politics ‘The View’ Seemingly Clueless About Latest Biden Investigation, Compares It to Bud Light Boycott | The Gateway Pundit

‘The View’ Seemingly Clueless About Latest Biden Investigation, Compares It to Bud Light Boycott | The Gateway Pundit

‘The View’ Seemingly Clueless About Latest Biden Investigation, Compares It to Bud Light Boycott | The Gateway Pundit


So what’s going on with Hunter Biden and the Big Guy?

Sen. Chuck Grassley: An FBI source said a Ukrainian energy company paid $5 million to “one Biden” and $5 million to “another Biden.”

FBI: We have confirmed some parts of that story.

Justice Department: We have an ongoing investigation into a possible bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Whoopi Goldberg: “What bribery scheme?”

It’s all in our heads, Goldberg and other co-hosts of “The View” are telling us. It’s because Republicans lost the 2020 presidential election, so they’re attacking poor Joe and Hunter.

“It’s so different every day,” Goldberg said on Wednesday. “They’re either freaking out about Barbie or they’re upset about, you know, Budweiser beer,” she said, implying that the whole thing is just like conservative criticism of Bud Light or the new “Barbie” film.

“How much punishment does Biden need because he won and they lost?” Goldberg asked.

Investigating Joe Biden for allegedly taking a bribe while serving as vice president amounts to nothing more than reacting to a poor marketing choice or a bad movie?

Yes, “The View” will tell you. And it’s all trickery.

Co-host Joy Behar weighed in to say the investigation of Biden is a sleight of hand to take attention off of former President Donald Trump.

“Let’s turn it around and make it about him — about Biden,” Behar said. “Take your eyes off of Trump — even though he’s a criminal — and put your eyes on this guy instead.”

Yet, in spite of Behar’s protests, rumblings of impeachment are coming from House Republicans (finally).

But impeachment talk isn’t coming from “good” Republicans, according to “The View’s” version of a conservative, Alyssa Farah Griffin.

“The vast majority of Republicans in Congress do not want to impeach Joe Biden,” Griffin said. “This is something that a fringe base within the House Republican conference is pushing.”

“If you don’t like Joe Biden, you gotta beat him at the ballot box,” she added.

The ballot box, Ms. Griffin?

Part of me says that if Biden is allowed to be the nominee it’s only because Democrats are confident of some, shall we say, election irregularities that — who knows? — might somehow in an unusual, surely unprecedented way crop up in 2024.

But that’s just me.

At any rate, Griffin wound it up by identifying who is responsible for all the dumping on the Biden family.

You know who.

“In the post-Trump or the Trump era … we lower the bar for everything, and that’s what I worry about,” she said.

“In any traditional environment, a lot of what Hunter Biden has been involved in would be something that would warrant investigation. … But Donald Trump has just destroyed norms so much,” Griffin said.

“He muddied the swamp,” co-host Sara Haines chipped in.

So there you have it. In the world of “The View,” all issues, big and small, major and trivial, can be traced back to one man — Donald J. Trump.

He’s the problem. So leave Joe and Hunter alone.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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