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The Ultimate Convenience: Pet Necessities Delivered for Busy Owners


You’re busy, but you’re never too busy to spend some quality time with your pet. And you certainly don’t want buying your pet necessities to get in the way.

Thankfully, we live in an on-demand world where it’s possible to get just about anything delivered right to your door. Whether it’s a mess-free pet grooming kit or a super-deluxe cat tree, anything your pet could want is available with a swipe or click.

Buy Your Pet Necessities Online

If you’re tired of catering to your personal to-do list rather than cuddling with your new kitty or hiking with your four-legged companion, start ordering these pet necessities online. You’ll waste less effort and energy — and have a much happier, healthier furry friend, too.

1. Freshly-made, nutrient-rich food for famished fur babies.

Gone are the days when pet parents picked up any food they could find for their dogs, cats, and other critters. As CNBC reports, pet owners are scrutinizing what they feed their favorite pals. For many, this means budgeting for premium brands made from wholesome, pronounceable ingredients. That way, they can feel confident that their pets are getting the specialized nutrition they need.

Though some groceries and retailers carry physical containers of high-quality food, they may be limited both in options and shelf space. Online alternatives aren’t, and they have the advantage of being deliverable. Plus, some companies offer extras, such as the ability to personalize mealtimes. Nom Nom, an emerging leader in the dog food market, creates customized meal plans based on in-depth questionnaires filled out by pet owners. Nom Nom’s scientifically formulated meals are made in the USA and shipped in small batches according to customers’ desired order frequencies.

Like Nom Nom, Smalls is another winner in the delivered-to-your-door pet food category. Smalls focuses on satisfying finicky felines with its various menu items. Smalls advertises its proprietary blends as made from human-grade proteins and more. It’s the next best thing to whipping up an entree every evening.

2. Litter box and dog waste needs for those less-than-fun chores.

One of the hardest parts of having pets is cleaning up after them. Cats can be particularly notorious for making life difficult by insisting on a pristine place to go to the bathroom. Dogs aren’t much better. Every conscientious dog owner knows how hard it is to keep enough supplies of baggies on hand for the dirty “pick up” job that happens on nearly every walk.

Ordering the right toiletry supplies can’t make the need to use them go away. However, it can lessen your load by allowing you to avoid last-minute trips to pick up litter or doggy waste bags. A business like Kitty Poo Club provides you with the opportunity to join a subscription service. For instance, their basic bundle includes a once-a-month delivery of a disposable litter box, as well as your choice of specialty litter blend. With Kitty Poo Club, you just take a “set it and forget it” approach to one of the least glamorous parts of pet ownership.

Pet necessities like dog waste bags, including ones that are more earth-friendly, are easy to find on both pet-specific sites like Chewy and larger e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon. Unless you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll probably want to bundle your order to save on shipping costs. Or, you could always buy enough to have on hand for several months. Bulk online purchases are simple to make. Just be sure you have a place to store all the bags. Oh, and if you’re getting a puppy, toss some puppy pads into your online cart.

3. Pet meds to treat furry companions’ chronic and acute conditions.

Humans aren’t the only creatures who need prescription medications. Dogs and cats are frequently prescribed an array of pharmaceutical drugs. This phenomenon may even be on the rise. As noted in The New York Times, when Covid-era lockdowns were lifted, some pets experienced separation anxiety. Their owners — once present all day, every day — were suddenly gone. In many cases, the best answer was a course of antidepressants along with behavioral therapies. (Consider looking into the latest pet tech innovations for some future-forward ways to encourage healthier habits.)

No matter what kind of prescription your pet needs, you might be able to get it at the same pharmacy where you get your own prescriptions. Nevertheless, why make a special visit when you could just have your pooch’s pills dropped off while you’re romping at the park? Online pet pharmacies, including PetMeds, can ensure you stay ahead of your furry friend’s prescriptions so you never run out.

Remember that you’ll need to work with a veterinarian if you’re looking for a true prescription rather than an over-the-counter drug. PetMeds clearly marks on its site which products require substantiation from a veterinarian. Other pet pharmacies should, too. Never order a prescribed drug for your pet from another country just to bypass requiring a veterinarian’s okay. You can’t be sure the quality or product is right for your pet’s needs and condition.

4. Professional pet sitters ready to give lots of attention.

When Motel 6 asked pet parents what they planned to do with their pets while they were on vacation, more than half said their pets were coming along. Not everyone goes to pet-friendly destinations, though. For instance, traveling overseas with a pet can be tricky at best, even if you work with an internationally based pet transportation provider. Consequently, if you can’t take your pet along for a vacay, you’ll want to find a way to keep your pet cozy, comfortable, and stress-free at home.

The easiest answer may be to ask a friend or family member who’s not traveling with you to step in as a pet sitter. If that’s not possible, you can always check out sites that connect pet parents with professional pet sitters of all ages. Rover tops many lists as a premiere place to find people to walk your dog while you’re away or even house-sit so your pet isn’t lonely. Other contenders are Fetch! Pet Care and the cat-centric Meowtel.

With pet-sitting apps, you can conduct everything from potential sitter reviews to digital interviews all from the comfort of your home if you like. Nevertheless, do yourself the favor of requesting to meet your pet sitter unless you’re in an emergency situation. Even an amazing pet sitter with five-star reviews may not be the right match for a feisty feline or suspicious pup. You’ll feel better taking off on your trip knowing that you chose someone your pet accepts as a temporary member of the family.

Instead of frittering away the hours driving to stores to buy pet necessities, let everything come to you. It’ll give you the chance to make more memories with the furballs who make life more fun, interesting, and worthwhile.

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