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The Spiritual Meaning of a Song Stuck in Your Head

The Spiritual Meaning of a Song Stuck in Your Head


Before you curse that song that’s been playing in your head on repeat, you need to know this: It may be your spirit guides or departed loved ones trying to get your attention.

You may have heard that the other side can communicate with you through signs like feathers and coins, angel numbers, your dreams, and meditation, but most people don’t realize that spirits can draw on the power of an earworm song (one that you keep looping on) to send you divine messages, guidance, and support. And learning to interpret the spiritual meaning of a song stuck in your head could help you better receive these otherworldly gifts.

The connection between music and the spiritual world

Throughout the ages and the world over, there has been a strong link between the divine and music, according to Kyle Gray, angel expert, bestselling author of Angel Numbers and Angel Prayers, and co-author of the forthcoming deck, The Divine Masters Oracle. “Even from a devotional perspective, one of the clearest ways that most spiritual traditions and religions connect with their higher power is through song. Examples would be worship music in a church, indigenous folk chanting, shamans playing drums, and so on.”

That’s because music and melody isn’t just a way for us to speak to the universe; it’s also a way for the universe to speak back, says Gray. The reason the spirit world—which consists of your spirit guides, departed loved ones, and all forms of higher consciousness—chooses to communicate through song? It’s a fun and easy way to grab your attention.

“Everything is energy, which vibrates at different frequencies—and songs hold certain vibrational frequencies, too, all the way from low and slow to high and fast,” says spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, bestselling author of What’s Your Heaven?, and podcast host of Small Medium at Large. “Spirits love for us to play or listen to music to help uplift and shift our own vibrational frequency, in order to be more in alignment with them, so that we can feel and connect with them.”

How a song stuck in your head can carry a spiritual meaning

I’ll never forget the first time I received a divine message through music. I had just started developing as a psychic medium and was relaxing on my balcony, when Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” randomly and synchronistically popped into my head. A huge smile sprang across my face, and chills sprouted all over my body when I intuited the connection—and I remember feeling so supported and validated.

Now, this phenomenon of a song being “dropped” into my head happens on the regular—and Rosen says it’s a common occurrence for her, too. “[A song will play in my head] right as I’m waking up from sleep, in a lucid state. However, it can happen at any time of the day or night,” she says. And she’ll often receive songs as messages for her clients during her mediumship sessions, too.

Gray reports receiving “song messages” as well. “A few years ago, I had to make a decision to leave behind a contract that I was working on,” he says. “I wondered if it was the right thing to do—and so I called out to my angels, said my usual prayer, and surrendered. Later that afternoon I was driving and the radio came on, and Justin Bieber was singing, I will catch you if you fall, I will catch you if you fall, I will catch you if you fall. But if you spread your wings, you can fly away with me, but you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall. It was the message I needed to hear from my angels—and through Justin Bieber, of all people.”

How to interpret the spiritual meaning of a song stuck in your head

Typically, what you’ll hear in your head is a meaningful verse or the whole song simply replaying like a broken record, Rosen says.

If a particular lyric is stuck on repeat

The spiritual meaning of a song stuck in your head could be as simple as the meaning of a prominent lyric, so make sure to listen closely and see if anything resonates. In my experience, both personally and with clients, the message is often fairly literal, but it can be metaphorical, too.

If the meaning isn’t crystal-clear, Rosen suggests looking up the lyrics and introspecting on what they might mean for you.

Gray says that if the message is life advice or related to decision-making or your soul purpose, it’s often coming from your spirit guides or angels—and to consider it a “thumbs up” that you’re in alignment and on the right track.

If a whole song is playing in your head

Your loved ones on the other side may be using a meaningful song that reminds them of you (or vice versa), in order to let you know they’re with you. For example, Rosen heard “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during a mediumship reading, and it turned out to be the song her client had sung to her father right before he passed.

How to know if a song stuck in your head is a divine message

Simply put: You’ll feel all the feels. “If you instantly get the feeling or message that the song you are hearing is a sign, it is a sign,” Gray says. “That instant ‘wow’ moment is your intuition giving you a clear indication that a message is coming through. Even if you start to question it afterward, if the initial feeling is that it’s a sign, you need to trust this.” On the other hand, he says, if you start feeling anxious and frantic upon reflecting, it’s likely your ego at work—and not a divine message.

He adds that if you start feeling particularly emotional about the song or lyric, that’s another indication that it’s a divine message. “When angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit come close, they bring this unconditional love with them, and it is expressed through the song and through the moment, so that you know—deep down in your heart—that you are not alone.”

Another thing to keep in mind, according to Rosen: “If [the song] comes from out of nowhere, it’s short-lived, or it’s a verse that keeps running through your mind, it’s likely a message being downloaded to you from the spirit world.”

How to get the song out of your head

“If you can’t shake the song, there’s a reason,” Rosen says. “It likely contains important information for you.” She suggests getting curious and asking your higher self to help you understand why the song is in your head, and what message it may hold. From there, you could write down what comes to mind in a journal; after all, putting thoughts to paper is a good way to release their grip on your mind.

Rosen also suggests talking it out with a trusted friend, sleeping on it, or meditating on it to make space for the spirit to pass to you the “a-ha!” moment or divine insight.

Another avenue for releasing the song’s stronghold on you is working with angel or oracle cards, says Gray. “You can pick a card to help you clarify what your guides are wanting you to know. If you can’t get a clear message, you can actually say, ‘Divine guidance, thank you for finding another way for me to hear this message. I am willing to listen!’ and a new message will likely come your way.”

In any case, hopefully the next time a song pops into your head (and sticks around), you’ll get excited—rather than annoyed—as you remember the truth: You are always being guided and loved from above.

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