Home Top 10 The latest Fire TV Cube has had a tasty Prime Day discount

The latest Fire TV Cube has had a tasty Prime Day discount

The latest Fire TV Cube has had a tasty Prime Day discount


Fire TV devices often get big discounts during Prime Day and latest entry in the Fire TV Cube series is now more affordable than it was before.

As part of the two-day sales event, the 3rd Gen Fire TV Cube can be had for £109, a 21% reduction from its RRP of £139.99.

That is the cheapest price yet we’ve seen the Fire TV Cube go for, and more than that, it brings it to the same price the second gen Fire TV Cube launched at.

The latest Fire TV Cube has a tasty Prime Day discount

The newest Fire TV Cube is ta this cheapest price it’s even been for Prime Day

The Fire TV Cube stands is the most premium option in Amazon’s range of Fire TV streamers and it’s best integrated for those who home cinema systems or a range of sources that want to hook up with the help of Alexa.

There’s hands-free Alexa voice control with the built-in microphone able to hear your queries and fetch results. In terms of connections there’s an HDMI input, so you can connect gaming consoles to the Cube if you’ve run out of space to connect it to the TV.

The Fire TV Cube also supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, allowing the TV to optimise the picture quality as best it can from whichever streaming app you’re watching. Dolby Atmos audio is supported too, if you have the required kit, you hear films, TV series and music in spatial audio.

With Wi-Fi 6E support, it’s future-proofed for the latest network routers, but even without the latest routers, the wireless speeds are fast enough that buffering wasn’t an issue when we reviewed it.

The 3rd Gen Fire TV Cube launched at a more expensive price than its predecessor, but this Prime Day discount brings it back to the same price. If the higher price had put you off before, then this deal makes the Fire TV Cube a more attractive purchase.

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