Home Top 10 The iPhone 14 Plus is a bargain courtesy of this deal

The iPhone 14 Plus is a bargain courtesy of this deal

The iPhone 14 Plus is a bargain courtesy of this deal


It’s not every day that the larger sibling to the iPhone 14 gets a great deal, but that’s what we have here: a chance to get iPhone 14 Plus with an enormous 100GB of data and no upfront cost. 

If you prefer a phone with a large screen and have been looking for a good time to upgrade, this might be it as you can get an iPhone 14 Plus with 100GB of data for £40.99 a month, and zero upfront charge.

It’s not just the screen size that’s different with the 14 Plus – Trusted Reviews’ Editor Max Parker wrote in his review that the handset has “the best battery life you’ll find on an iPhone 14 model”, and called it “the better choice” over its slightly smaller sibling.

The iPhone 14 Plus is on special offer with 100GB of data a month

If you want the iPhone 14 experience on the big screen, this is the deal for you – especially when you don’t have to pay a penny upfront.

  • Mobiles
  • No upfront cost
  • £40.99 a month

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The most important feature of the 14 Plus is, of course, the size. Apple has learned from previous generations, and ensured that users of the Pro Max series will be pleasantly surprised by how lightweight the 14 Plus is – it’s only 31g heavier than the standard 14, and 37g lighter than the 14 Pro Max, as well as slightly thinner. All this means that you get a pleasantly lightweight, comfortable experience while still enjoying a big screen.

Besides its size, the screen is very vibrant, with a sharp OLED panel. It is stuck at a 60hz refresh rate, which is not the quickest, but for video content such as YouTube, this is more than enough for perfectly smooth viewing, meaning you can still get the most out of the large display with its punchy OLED colours.

In other facets, it’s every bit as good as you’d expect from the newest iPhone generation: a brilliant camera, a speedy processor and all the benefits of using the newest version of iOS. So, if you want a bigger, better iPhone 14 experience with more data than you’ll ever need, definitely give this deal a look.


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