Home Top 10 The iPhone 12 just became a bargain Apple upgrade

The iPhone 12 just became a bargain Apple upgrade

The iPhone 12 just became a bargain Apple upgrade


Want a new iPhone without breaking the bank? Enjoy 100GB of data a month with an iPhone 12 and no upfront cost. This is a great deal for anyone moving from an older phone. 

Right now on Affordable Mobiles, you can grab an iPhone 12 with 100GB of data for only £29 a month, making the iPhone 12 an absolute steal for those in need of a cheap Apple upgrade.

With plenty of bang for its buck, and software updates until 2027, the iPhone 12 is still a great pick, especially at this price. Throw in 100GB of data on Three’s network and you have a great value package.

Grab the iPhone 12 on an incredibly affordable contract

Enjoy 100GB of data and the very well-regarded iPhone 12 for under £30 a month courtesy of this deal.

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The iPhone 12 is the device that defined the exterior design that Apple still uses today – it was the first iPhone to have the flat edges and sharper corners that will still be present in the 15 and 15 Pro, so it certainly still feels like a very modern device. The 12 also sports a 60hz OLED display, and more durable glass than its predecessors, so in many ways this truly did set a benchmark that all future iPhones followed. 

In terms of performance, the iPhone 12 still holds up to general use extremely well. You’re unlikely to feel the limitations of the A14 Bionic chipset, unless you’re into the most demanding phone games, such as Call of Duty or Genshin Impact. For non-gamers, the iPhone 12 should have you covered for any task you throw at it.

Other significant features of the 12 include very reliable all-round camera performance and the introduction of MagSafe charging, another smart bit of Apple technology. 

All in all, this is a great value deal for anyone with an older iPhone or Android device who wants to enjoy some of the newest features of iPhone without paying those ‘new iPhone’ prices.


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