Home Top 10 The Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant could be Ultra rather than cheaper

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant could be Ultra rather than cheaper

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant could be Ultra rather than cheaper


The reports of a Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant have, until now, focused on a potentially cheaper variant that could lower the entry level. Yeah, about that…

According to a new report there is a variant in the works, but it won’t be a budget-friendly option – instead it might be an “Ultra” version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

WinFuture reports that Samsung has a pair of large foldables on the way this summer, but says “new strategy could now be used, in which an “Ultra” model is offered in addition to the normal one.”

The site hints it has heard from sources at the Mobile World Congress that a more expensive version with exclusive features might be the ticket for Samsung.

That would place the strategy closer to the standard S-Series models, which includes the S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra.

The news comes after leaked renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 arrived online, with a refined design and sharper edges than the previous generation. That report suggested the Fold 6 would retain the same 6.1mm thickness when unfurled, while there’s no sign of an S Pen Silo. However, an additional spec leak a week ago suggested a much thinner and lighter design and a titanium build.

Galaxy Fold Z 6 render
Image credit @OnLeaks

Perhaps an Ultra version could slim the device down somewhat and make it a little more pocket friendly? Perhaps it could be larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 5? Perhaps there’ll be a Silo for the S Pen?

We’d expect the other specs to stay largely the same on both models. Of course, there’ll be Galaxy AI on board and there might be a slight variance between the chipsets. Samsung has recently started using its Exynos chipsets again alongside Snapdragon chips on its flagship phones.

We will, of course, have to wait and see, but it would be somewhat disappointing if Samsung didn’t lower the entry level for foldable phones this summer, when the 6th-generation Fold models are expected.


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