Home Top 10 The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now almost as cheap as the Pixel 7a

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now almost as cheap as the Pixel 7a

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now almost as cheap as the Pixel 7a


You can currently pick up the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 on the cheap for almost the same price as the Google Pixel 7a.

UK MVNO GiffGaff is currently selling refurbished Galaxy Z Flip 4 handsets in varying conditions for as low as £369. However, the deal we’re choosing to focus on is those in ‘Excellent’ condition.

This means that you’re getting a pre-owned Galaxy Z Flip 4 with only “minor wear and tear” for the cheap price of just £469. That’s way cheaper than the Flip 4’s £999 launch price, and is just a little more expensive than the £449 Google Pixel 7a – our favourite mid-range phone on the market.

Get the Galaxy Z Flip 4 for just £469

GiffGaff is selling preowned Galaxy Z Flip 4 handsets in ‘Excellent’ condition for just £469.

  • GiffGaff
  • ‘Excellent’ condition
  • Now £469

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Let’s back up a bit. What does “minor wear and tear” actually mean? According to GiffGaff, this means that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 units “have seen some light use”, but that “the body and screen are pristine”.

While they’re not quite up there in the top “Like new” tier (which have sold out at the time of writing), they’re not far off.

This is a great price for a fine compact foldable. We awarded the Galaxy Z Fold 4 a strong 4-star review last year, calling it “the most welcoming foldable phone on the market.” We concluded that it “feels like a very complete device”, and even called it “the best small phone around”.

If you’re after the most unassuming phone around, this is it. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 works just like a regular full-sized phone, but its party trick is that it folds in half, making it easy to throw in a small pocket or handbag.

The elephant in the room here is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is being announced tomorrow. But even then, you can bet that it’s going to be twice the price (at least) of this cheap Galaxy Z Flip 4 deal.


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