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The best FPS titles to play right now

The best FPS titles to play right now


If you love action-packed shooters such as Doom, Call of Duty and Overwatch, and are keen to find the next game to scratch that itch, then this guide is for you.

We’ve rounded up all of our highest rated FPS (first-person shooter) games that we’ve reviewed in recent years. There’s a great mix here, including competitive multiplayer titles as well as more story-centric adventures.

The one feature that ties all of these games together is that they offer a bounty of different guns and let you fire countless bullets into waves of enemies, be they zombies, aliens or space pirates.

We’ll be updating this list as soon as we review more games throughout the year, so make sure to keep this page bookmarked to keep up to date with all of the best FPS games you can buy, no matter which is your console or PC of choice.

We also have plenty of other round-ups for the best games on other systems if you don’t want to look for a specific genre. These guides include the best PS5 games, best Xbox Series X/S games, best Switch games and best PC games.

Best FPS games at a glance

How we test

Learn more about how we review games

We play every game we review through to the end, outside of certain exceptions where getting 100% completion, like Skyrim, is close to impossible to do. When we don’t fully finish a game before reviewing it we will always alert the reader.


Best single-player FPS


  • Uses the time loop concept to great effect
  • Supernatural abilities are a joy to use
  • Plenty to discover in each hub world
  • Multiplayer element adds some thrilling chaos


  • Can get repetitive towards the end
  • A small number of technical issues

Deathloop is a fantastic FPS title in our view, especially if you’re looking for a great single-player experience. 

This comes largely thanks to the fact it’s one of the most innovative titles to be released in a very long time with a mind-bending time loop mechanic that requires you to kill eight targets before the end of the day. In addition, this also brings with it an excellent puzzle mechanic to Deathloop that makes it one of the most unique games out there.

Given this is a game that will put you in the same position every day, you’ll be sure to spend a lot of time appreciating Deathloop’s cartoon art style and marvellous graphics that we found to look especially great on PS5 during our playthrough. The soundtrack is also brilliant with a James Bond-style set of music helping to intensify every shootout and make you feel like your own secret agent.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
Full review: Deathloop

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Best zombie FPS


  • Parkour platforming is incredibly fun
  • The open-world city is a great playground
  • Your decisions shape the story
  • Great cast of characters


  • Combat is hit and miss
  • Immunity timer will be divisive
  • Not scary enough for horror fans

For those wanting an FPS game where picking off zombies is the main objective, look no further than Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The combat here is more of the same hack-and-slash style that has bestowed series such as Skyrim and Fallout in the past, which can get a little repetitive at times, but generally felt responsive and offered up some satisfying animations when you send a zombie’s head flying.

There’s also a parkour and exploration element in Dying Light 2 that offers the chance to climb basically anything, unlike in the likes of Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed where only specific structures were climbable. We found the free-running element to be such an enjoyable part of the game that the lack of fast travel options to move around the map didn’t become such a huge issue, and with two separate open-world maps on offer, there’s a lot to explore and climb.

This is also one of the best-looking games out there and one of the brighter-looking zombie titles, which helps it to look especially eye-catching. We also found there to be some outstanding attention to detail, even if we only managed to play at 1440p, but it’s a testament to how good the game looks overall.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
Full Review: Dying Light 2 Stay Human


Best eSports FPS


  • Superb gunplay
  • Robust character classes provide depth and longevity
  • Gorgeous art style


  • High difficulty level can feel inaccessible
  • Can be frustrating playing solo

Valorant is an excellent choice for those wanting an intense yet rewarding competitive shooter – one that’s ideal for eSports 

There’s a large selection of guns to choose from, ranging from small pistols to massive assault rifles and snipers for longer-range combat. Unlike other shooters, no weapon felt especially overpowered, and each of them felt fantastic to use with pinpoint accuracy in terms of the controls on offer.

As well as offering some rather fun and engaging gameplay, we also thought that Valorant looked brilliant with a cartoon art style that’s reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. The audio effects and voice acting is also second to none, helping to give each character their own distinct personality There are eleven different character classes to choose from, and with them also comes a decent mix of nationalities to also offer an inclusive experience, which is lovely.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
Full review: Valorant

Metroid Prime Remastered

Best sci-fi FPS


  • Palpable atmosphere
  • Remastered visuals look incredible
  • Updated controls are a huge help
  • The art style has aged beautifully


  • Backtracking is a persistent chore
  • The game does a bad job of telling you where to go
  • Mapping the game’s locales can be a nightmare

Metroid Prime Remastered did a fantastic job of revamping the classic GameCube title to make it more than fit for modern audiences. Nintendo has managed to bring in a brand new sense of atmosphere that the franchise has never seen before, making it a very easy recommendation for newcomers and veterans of the series alike.

We were given the opportunity to pick out which control scheme we preferred throughout the entire game; there is the original GameCube configuration, motion controls from the Nintendo Wii and the contemporary dual-stick controls that are most commonly used in current FPS titles. This was a great addition, as it gave us more control over how we wanted to play and provided any old-school gamers the chance to revisit this game with GameCube-era inputs. 

Moreover, we loved the progression system at the heart of Metroid Prime, noting it as very addictive. Players are tasked with reclaiming all of Samus’ abilities following a devastating fight, with invaluable upgrades being scattered throughout each level making it very easy to keep playing.

In terms of FPS games, it’s surprising how much Metroid Prime stands out from the crowd. Everything from Samus’ suit to the antagonists lurking around every corner has clearly been so thoughtfully designed, with the planet Talon IV – where the game is set – being ever so unique, with snowy mountains, sand-filled ruins and lava pits located throughout. This title manages to cram in so much personality and style that it hasn’t become derivative in the current sea of first-person shooters, even 20 years after its original release. 

If you’re looking for something that completely dismantles what you know about FPS games, then Metroid Prime may not be for you. Despite its fantastic art style and progression system, there is a lot of inbuilt backtracking and the game isn’t great at telling you where to go. For something completely new, Deathloop or Dying Light 2 Stay Human might be better choices, but for anyone looking to revisit a classic game with an updated aesthetic, then Metroid Prime Remastered is a title you won’t want to miss out on. 

Reviewer: Thomas Deehan
Full Review: Metroid Prime Remastered

Halo Infinite

Best multiplayer FPS


  • Hugely enjoyable gunplay, with great weapon variety
  • Grappleshot is incredibly fun to use
  • Compelling dialogue and engaging new characters
  • Fantastic multiplayer mode


  • Open-world sections are generic
  • Boss battles can be frustrating
  • Story’s conclusion is anti-climatic

Halo is a game series that’s been synonymous with Microsoft consoles since the very first Xbox was released and the latest iteration, Halo Infinite, makes the grade as the best multiplayer FPS out there.

This comes thanks to there being oodles of modes to get stuck into, with Team and Arena Battle modes, as well as larger scale 24-Player Big Team Battles. They both offer similar modes such as Total Control and Capture The Flag, but the Big Team Battles add vehicles into the mix. As well as offering an engaging multiplayer experience, the fact it’s also a free multiplayer just sweetens the deal even more.

If you’ve got an Xbox Series X and an HDMI 2.1 capable display, then the multiplayer modes in Halo Infinite can also be run at 120Hz to provide an extra smooth experience, especially compared to a more standard 60Hz refresh rate. We thought Halo Infinite also looked rather polished and offered some excellent gameplay to boot.

Whether you’ve got a Series X or Series S, Halo Infinite also looks great, with some immense levels of detail on character models that show how far consoles have come, even in a generation. We found colours to be punchy and helped the game to offer an especially vibrant art style, which acts as a nice contrast to other shooters that can be typically dark and gritty

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
Full review: Halo Infinite

Cyberpunk 2077

Best open-world FPS


  • Night City is a living, breathing world that is truly breathtaking
  • V is an excellent lead character with so much potential depth
  • All of the gameplay systems are nuanced and rewarding
  • Dialogue and storytelling are strong and impactful


  • Braindance mechanic is underutilized
  • Female character writing feels misogynistic at times
  • Bugs

Cyberpunk 2077 is our top pick for those wanting the freedom to explore a detailed and vast open world with an FPS title. We found the combat on offer here to be excellent, with practically endless amounts of enjoyable and tight gunfights on offer. There’s a fluid class system on offer, meaning that you can adopt any form of the game’s combat and hacking mechanics in whichever order you like, giving you total control. In addition, with the vast selection of different weapons with their own unique characteristics, there are so many different ways of taking enemies down.

As more of an open-world style RPG, the story of Cyberpunk 2077 is also integral to its success. With regards to character creation, we found it to be perhaps one of the vastest in terms of options for shaping V to be whoever you wanted them to be, which in turn shapes the game’s story and the experience you get. The storytelling here proved to be wondrous, with a sense of pace and execution that was unlike anything we’d played before. 

The graphics on offer are more impressive on consoles than it is on PC, where at the time of review we found the game to offer some bugs and instability. With that being said, the pair of Quality and Performance Modes on next-generation consoles do take the game up a gear and help it to look and perform well.

Reviewer: Jade King
Full review: Cyberpunk 2077


Best RPG shooter


  • Fantastic side quests to dig into
  • Superb gunplay and variety of weapons
  • Ship customisation is excellent
  • Expansive skill tree for true RPG experience


  • Mostly boring story campaign
  • Space and planet exploration is a chore
  • Overencumbered system is incredibly frustrating

Starfield is arguably more of an action RPG than a first-person shooter. Nevertheless, you’re given the option to take on a first-person perspective when gunning down space pirates, robots and monstrous aliens in this epic space adventure.

The guns aren’t quite as sci-fi as those from other shooters such as Borderlands and Halo, with Bethesda instead opting for a more grounded approach. But there’s still a great variety of weapons here, from laster pistols to shotguns that can set foes aflame. You can even use mines and grenades if you want to use explosives

Unlocking the Boost Pack also enables you to jet up into the air for thrilling contests. As this is an RPG, you can also boost your proficiency with specific weapons classes, as well as crafting and upgrading your own gear.

Throw spaceship shootouts to the mix, and Starfield is a great game to scratch that FPS itch for those who fancy the sci-fi setting. And best of all, Starfield is included in a Game Pass subscription.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
Full review: Starfield Review


What is the best FPS open-world game?

For our money, the best open-world FPS is Cyberpunk 2077. Its combat is especially engaging, which comes alongside a well-paced story and a living and breathing world in the form of Night City.

What does FPS stand for?

FPS stands for First Person Shooter and is defined by a first-person perspective, with gameplay being heavily reliant on shooting down your enemies.

Does this list contain games playable on the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Metroid Prime Remastered is a game exclusive to the Nintendo Switch series, which includes the vanilla Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED.


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