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The Beauty Routine Marianna Hewitt Has Been Loving As Of Late



“It’s not even that underrated, but consistency [with] retinol and sunscreen—a combination of both of them.

“Using retinol at night has been really great for my skin, and I love that retinol and SPF are both getting the love they deserve. In the last few years, TikTok has really helped people understand the importance of sunscreen and wearing it every single day.

“A lot of people think of SPF as just protection from the sun, but it really prevents damage, too. If you’re trying to help hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and overall brightness of the skin, you want to use retinol and vitamin C, but you want to use SPF to protect the skin—so that if you do have any pigmentation or dark spots, they don’t get any darker.

“We formulated the Summer Friday’s Midnight Ritual Retinol Renewal Serum to be gentle yet effective. My co-founder Lauren Ireland had been trying to use retinol, and she really couldn’t tolerate anything. Every time she would try one, it would be too irritating. She would get discouraged, and she would want to stop using it. 

“There are so many people like Lauren who want to get into retinol, but they don’t want to go through the retinol ‘uglies’ or the period of having to get your skin sensitized to using retinol. So we wanted to formulate a percentage that was gentle yet effective. 

“And then our SPF is a [fan] favorite. My most recent favorite person who said they loved it was Pamela Anderson. I love that she uses our SPF, especially because she’s such a Malibu girl.

“It wears so well under makeup. It feels like a serum. You can usually feel when you’re wearing a mineral sunscreen, or there’s some sort of white cast, but it wears so well. I’m wearing it today on my skin. You can’t even tell that you have it on.” 


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