Beauty routines are never truly stagnant—practices evolve and change like we do. In As of Late, we chat with influential folks about their current products and rituals. Here, we get a snapshot of what they’re doing right now: the sacrosanct formulas they use until the last drop, the fresh launches they’ve got their eyes on, and of course, the why behind it all. 

In a joyous conversation over burrata and toasted sourdough, I learned the best-kept beauty and wellness secrets of actress, YouTuber, and influencer, Claudia Sulewski

You may recognize her glowing face from her role in the 2022 film I Love My Dad or maybe you’re one of her 2.45 million YouTube subscribers. No matter if you’ve crossed paths with Sulewski or not, her resume proves that she’s a woman of many talents—and all at the age of 27, I might add. 

Most recently, she’s ventured into creating her very own brand called Cyklar, launching the first SKU just a few weeks ago. Her goal is to eliminate wasteful, throw-away packaging and redefine what it means to sell refillable and reusable products. 

To come, a glimpse inside her mindful and intentional beauty and wellness journey. 

Speaking of, Sulewski’s adds another beverage to her list of rituals. 

“I have cut coffee out of my diet and I’m a matcha girl now,” she states, reaching in her bag to reveal that she does in fact keep her go-to matcha powder on hand at all times. 

“I specifically love this Peak Sun Goddess Matcha,” she says, a blend that contains only matcha powder and nothing else–letting the skin benefits of this powdered tea shine.

Beyond skin-related motivation, making the switch has encouraged a more balanced state of mind for Sulewski. 

“It gives me sustainable energy that doesn’t peak. I just get too jittery and anxious with coffee,” she says.

“So much of health is about stress regulation…to be able to have some sort of control over your stress levels and learn how to help yourself cope with daily stress and allow your body the grace to be in a neutral state is really key,” she says. 

Wise words, right?

“The morning is really dedicated to my dog and my household. If I can slap on sunscreen and brush my teeth, amazing. But, I really try to give myself those moments of relaxation and self-care in the evening,” she explains. 

She acknowledges that her mid-20s have began to redefine what it means to living luxe: “At this moment in my life, true luxury is being able to hop in bed early and slather body cream on my legs, on my arms, on my stomach.”

When developing the Cyklar Body Cream, one of her main goals was to eliminate the oily and greasy residue that joins many creams on the market. Instead, this body cream leaves her skin feeling soft and velvety. 

“That’s my night cap.” 

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