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The Always Amazing President Trump In New Hampshire: “I Have Common Sense. I Want To Have A Border, We Want Free Elections..” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


No doubt about it. Americans love President Trump and can’t wait to see him give his speeches. The greatest of our modern Presidents was in Claremont, New Hampshire on Saturday to offer hope to so many Americans who are being held hostage by the corrupt Biden regime.

Trump emphasized that he is a man of common sense.

“I have common sense, you know. I want to have a border, we want to have free elections, we want to have low-interest rates, we want to have school choice, we don’t want to have men to play in women’s sports,” Trump said.


President Trump also is making our Veterans a priority. “I’ll also make it a personal mission to completely eradicate veterans homelessness in America,” Trump said. He went on to explain that the Biden regime treats the illegal aliens pouring into the U.S. better than our Veterans.


Trump made a promise that he was the only candidate running for President who could 100% prevent World War III. Trump’s show of confidence and strength do make him the only one who can truly do that.

“You look at what’s going on right now in the Middle East and Ukraine and you add it up and we have somebody that has no clue what the hell is going on. You’re gonna end up in World War III.” Trump said.


“I just want to do what’s right for the country,” Trump said. He went on with a little humor explaining how he had a great life but no regrets for what he is doing.


Let’s make Trump 45 to also be Trump 47. That way he can utter his famous line to the Biden regime in 2024, “You’re fired.”

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