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The 11 Best Primers Of 2023 For Any Skin Type & Makeup Goal



Allow me to declare something a tad controversial in the makeup space: I don’t like wearing foundation (for the most part), but I adore an everyday primer. 

While the two makeup products used to go hand-in-hand (the latter used to make the former feel silkier), primers have officially outgrown their reputation as a foundation sidekick. 

It’s a similar trajectory to toner: They were once formulated to adjust your skin’s pH after your highly-alkaline cleanser likely sent it into a spiral. But as face washes became more elevated, less stripping, toners evolved to boast other benefits (exfoliation, hydration, etc.). 

Still, some people deem primers (and toners, as it turns out) wholly unnecessary. I, for one, find them delightful, even if I don’t wear a stitch of makeup that day—and I bet I’ll convince you to make them a priority, starting with the best primers below. 

Here, you can find standout formulas for every skin type, concern, and makeup goal. 


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