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TempurPedic Vs. Saatva: Which Mattress Should You Buy?



If you’re prioritizing sustainability: Choose Saatva

While Saatva does use some materials that aren’t the most eco-friendly, the brand does better than most—including TempurPedic. If nontoxic materials and organic certifications are important to you, you’re better off with a Saatva mattress.

If you love memory foam: Choose TempurPedic

That cradling sensation that memory foam lovers can’t get enough of? That’s TempurPedic’s bread and butter. That said, if you’re a soft foam devotee, you’ll likely still find a Saatva bed you enjoy.

If you want a longer sleep trial & warranty: Choose Saatva

Saatva’s 365-night sleep trial beats TempurPedic’s 90 night trial by, well, 275 nights. And, while 10 years is probably long enough for a mattress warranty (you should re-evaluate your bed around year 8), the Saatva lifetime warranty provides more peace of mind.

If you want customization options: You could go with either.

Both Saatva and TempurPedic offer customization options for most of their beds. Not all of Saatva’s models are customizable, but several are.

If you like cooling materials: You could go with either.

While TempurPedic’s Breeze collection aims to defy memory foam’s reputation for running hot, warm sleepers may also benefit from one of Saatva’s latex hybrid beds which run cool, naturally.

If you’re shopping on a budget: You’ll want to look elsewhere.

Most of TempurPedic and Saatva’s beds aren’t outrageously priced for a quality mattress, but they’re not exactly budget-friendly picks either. Luckily, we have some other suggestions for lower priced mattresses.


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