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Surface Laptop Go 3 vs Surface Laptop Go 2

Surface Laptop Go 3 vs Surface Laptop Go 2


At its Surface and AI event, Microsoft has shown off the new Surface Laptop Go 3. Much of what was rumoured about the new device has turned out to be true. Let’s compare it with the Surface Laptop Go 2.

Ahead of Microsoft’s latest showcase, rumours suggested iterative upgrades to the Surface Laptop Go 2, along with a price change as some models were ditched. Much of this came to pass, making the Surface Laptop Go 3 a bit of an underwhelming new entry into the market. We also saw the debut of the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Go 4.

Either way, it’s important to know the key differences between these machines if you’re considering a purchase. Here’s everything you need to know.

A newer Intel chip, but not the latest

The Surface Laptop Go range has always sported the previous generation of Intel chip, and the third iteration is no different. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 offered up the prior generation 11th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU upon its launch and the third version sports a 12th Gen Intel Core i5. The result is performance that Microsoft says is “88% faster”

Surface Laptop Go 3
Surface Laptop Go 3 – Image Credit (Microsoft)
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Surface Laptop Go 2 has a lower base price

The Surface Laptop Go 2 is no longer front and centre on the Microsoft Store so it is unclear how long you’ll be able to purchase it from third-party retailers and the like, but it has a far lower starting price than the new Surface Laptop Go 3.

The new model starts at around £800/$800 while the previous version could be picked up for close to £500/$500. That is quite the jump, but the reality is that it is down to Microsoft expelling lower-end models from the range, so you are getting more bang for your buck. However, money is money, and if you don’t have that higher price to spend then there isn’t a brand spanking new Laptop Go available to you.

Surface Laptop Go 2
Surface Laptop Go 2 – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

More battery life

The Surface Laptop Go 3 looks to sport the same battery as its previous model but the move to a newer Intel 12th generation chip brings the benefit of boosted battery.

Battery life was one of the few negatives of the Surface Laptop Go 2 so a boost is welcome. That’s even if it is a modest one, up from an advertised 13.5 hours to 15 hours.

And, the rest remains the same

The most notable point of comparison between the Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Laptop Go 3 is how much stays the same. In terms of hardware, the design is the same, the ports are the same, the display is the same, the webcam is the same, the colour options remain the same and, even, the connectivity remains the same. It is, evidently, far from a big leap forward.


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