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Sky’s New Year bundle is an instant winner

Sky’s New Year bundle is an instant winner


Bundling through Sky has always been a good way to save a few quid on your entertainment and internet connection, but this latest offer is a doozy.

Right now you can get Sky Broadband, Sky Entrainment and Netflix for £39 a month for 18 months. That’s a saving of £4 on the usual bargain price. You’ll only have to pay £10 upfront.

Sky’s insane broadband and entertainment bundle is even cheaper

Sky Stream + Broadband + Netflix + Sky Entertainment for £39 a month? That’s quite the deal on an 18 month contract.

As well as 145mbps average download speed from Sky Ultrafast Broadband, you’ll be able to stream 150 channels and 30,000 shows over Netflix with Ads.

Sky is even throwing a Sky Stream puck to allow you to stream all of that on-demand Sky TV goodness.

There’s also the opportunity to add Sky Sports for £20 a month on an 18 month contract. It’s also possible to add other bundle.

A simpler, accessible way into the world of Sky


  • Democratic approach to content discovery
  • Accessible interface
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos support
  • Stable streaming performance


  • Costs add up with add-ons
  • Additional pucks eat up more bandwidth
  • Interface is a little sluggish at times

Sky Entertainment includes the unmissable dramas from Sky Atlantic as well as channels like Sky Max, Sky Comedy, Sky Nature, and Sky Documentaries. There’s also Eurosport, Comedy Central, National Geographic, MTV. The Discovery+

When it comes to the broadband, Sky guarantees the speeds and a wall-to-wall guarantee and those 145Mbps are more than enough to content and video games at 4K.

The Sky Stream puck is a handy little device that the beauty of Sky TV without a dish, no complex install and it’s got loads of the top streaming apps built in (iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, YouTube and loads more.


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