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Security Guard Shot in the Head Trying to Break Up Fight at High School Football Game in Utica, New York | The Gateway Pundit


A Utica City School District security guard was shot in the head on Saturday in Utica, NY. He was attempting to break up a fight in the Proctor High School parking lot during a football game when he was shot. He is in critical, but stable condition at this time.

WKTV Channel 2:

UTICA, N.Y. — Utica Police are aware of a video circulating on social media of the shooting at Proctor High School’s first football home game on Saturday afternoon.

It shows a school district security guard trying to break up a fight outside the game in a school parking lot off of Tilden Avenue.

“Shots rang out, and there was a Utica City School District employee, security officer, that was shot in the back of the head,” says Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.

Worried parents, whose children called them from the game, rushed to the school to pick them up.

There, they found an endless line of police cars.

There were eight security guards and four Utica police officers on duty at the game. The guards had stopped a group of suspicious males that tried to enter late in the game. The school even had metal detectors as added precautions, but the shooting happened in the parking lot.

So far there have not been any arrests, but police have a few leads.

Watch News Video:

Gateway had previously reported of a shooting at an Oklahoma high school football game:

A shooting at an Oklahoma High school football game on August 25th left 1 person dead, and at least 3 others wounded.

Students scattered across the football field at Choctaw High School after shots fired during the third quarter of the game.

A 16-year-old male died. Police said the victim was not a student at Choctaw High School.

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