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Scorpio Compatibility: How They Match Up With All 12 Zodiac Signs



As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is armed with deep intuition, power, and an air of mystery. Like the Scorpion that it’s symbolized by, Scorpio is not a sign to mess with, because they have a stringer and they’re not afraid to use it—and they’ll never forget what happened, either.

Its modern planetary ruler, Pluto (and Mars in ancient astrology), is no doubt to thank for this sign’s brooding and often intense demeanor, with Pluto representing rebirth and transformation, and Mars, war and action.

And when it comes to their relationships, a typical Scorpio is known to be intensely passionate, sexual, and deep. They’re looking for someone to explore new territory with—a partner they can take to travel to the outermost regions of desire, explore sex and sexuality with, and get to know on a deeper level.

There is a regenerative, explorative, and even healing quality to the typical Scorpio’s sex life. In the bedroom, emotional intimacy and true sexual connection are just as important as experimentation and playfulness for this sign.

Scorpios are also generally more interested in long-term partnerships than quick, casual flings. But thanks to their watery nature, they’re usually more comfortable feeling their feelings than expressing them. If you’re in a new relationship with a Scorpio partner, you might need to ask how they’re doing and what they’re thinking pretty frequently. But in time, Scorpios will slowly reveal themselves.

With that being said, Scorpios seek the truth—and if you’re keeping a secret, they’ll be able to tell. A date with a Scorpio can easily turn into a low-key interrogation session if they feel you’re holding something back. However, all of this truth-seeking can be beautiful, as it leads Scorpio into deep and meaningful friendships and relationships.

One thing they do need to watch out for, however, is possessiveness and jealousy. Scorpios can grip tight, and aren’t known for being the most forgiving sign in the zodiac.


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