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Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Samsung Odyssey Ark (2022)

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Samsung Odyssey Ark (2022)


The Samsung Odyssey Ark is one of most peculiar gaming monitors on the market, with the impressive capability to be effortlessly flipped between a horizontal and vertical alignment. 

Samsung released the original Ark monitor back in 2022, but it has now launched a revamped model for 2023. 

We’ve created this guide to explain what new features you get with the newest model, so you can decide which is the best purchase for you between the Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) and Samsung Odyssey Ark (2022)

New Samsung Multi View mode

The biggest new feature of the Samsung Multi View mode, which allows you to see 4 inputs on the display at once. This means you could hook up the likes of a PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and gaming PC simultaneously, with a split-screen view allowing four people to game on the same screen. 

Samsung Multi View mode
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The Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) offers three HDMI ports and a DisplayPort 1.4 connection to allow this impressive level of multitasking. 

The Samsung Odyssey Ark (2022) also offered a Multi View feature, but it was a lot more restrictive, as it didn’t allow for multiple sources. This meant you could only really use a single PC with multiple windows, which limits the use case. 

Addition of KVM switch

The second new addition for the Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) is the KVM switch. Short for Keyboard, Video, Mouse, this allows the monitor to become a single command centre for multiple connected devices. 

For example, if you connected four different PCs to the Ark monitor, you’d be able to control all of them with a single keyboard and mouse setup. This is extremely useful for multitaskers, and complements the Multi View mode extremely well. 

KVM switch
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In order to get the same functionality on the Samsung Odyssey Ark (2022), you’d need to purchase a keyboard or mouse that supports multiple connections, typically switching between Bluetooth and a wireless dongle. Such peripherals are generally quite expensive, so the KVM switch is a big upgrade, allowing you to use whichever mouse and keyboard pairing you fancy. 

Both Ark monitors have the same screen specs

Samsung has decided not to alter any of the screen specs for the Samsung Odyssey Ark. That means you still get a 55-inch display with a 3840×2160 resolution, 1000R curve, Mini LED technology and 165Hz refresh rate. 

As a result, the 2023 model doesn’t offer enough upgrades to justify a purchase for those who already own the Samsung Odyssey Ark (2022). Both provide the exact same viewing experience, while even sharing the super-handy rotating screen feature. 


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