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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Review, From A Marathon Runner



When I first picked up the box, I was shocked by weight of these earbuds. The set is just under 6 grams—about the weight of a pencil—and feel noticeably lighter than my AirPods (8 grams). 

What’s more, the Galaxy Buds come equipped with three sets of flexible silicon tips (small, medium, and large) so you can find your perfect fit. In fact, the Galaxy Wearable app even has a feature that will tell you whether you chose the best size.

As often as I wear headphones, I truly hate the way most feel in my ears. The sleek design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds actually feels comfortable, even through hours of use.

Of course, earbuds can feel and look great, but if they don’t sound great then what’s the point? Thankfully, I’m thoroughly impressed with the sound quality, too.

The Galaxy Buds have active noise cancellation (ANC) and ambient sound that works better than any pair I’ve tested in the past. I wore these on a long car ride with three children under five and I honestly didn’t hear a peep outside of the book I was listening to.

If noise canceling isn’t your cup of tea, you can adjust or fully turn off the feature through the app, or by tapping the earbuds themselves. The touch control is a bit finicky at times, but that’s surprisingly my only negative feedback about these headphones.


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