Home Politics RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Accused of Sexual Assault By 5 People Following Dismissed Lawsuit | The Gateway Pundit

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Accused of Sexual Assault By 5 People Following Dismissed Lawsuit | The Gateway Pundit

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Accused of Sexual Assault By 5 People Following Dismissed Lawsuit | The Gateway Pundit


Shangela “Darius Jeremy Pierce” Credit VH1

Oh, look, it’s the thing that “never happens.”

New allegations have surfaced alleging multiple sexual assaults against RuPaul’s Drag Race star Shangela less than a year after a former production assistant claimed the TV personality had raped him.

A total of four people have accused Pierce, real name Darius Jeremy Pierce, 42, of sexually assaulting them or trying to have sex with them while intoxicated – a fifth alleges Pierce attempted to penetrate him anally in a bathroom closet.

Darius Jeremy Pierce (Shangela) Instagram

Daily Mail Online reports,

In May 2023 Pierce was accused of raping a former production assistant Daniel McGarrigle, 40, who worked on HBO show We’re Here after a drunken crew party in 2020. Pierce denied all allegations and the civil suit was dismissed without prejudice in February after all parties reached a settlement.

One accuser named Helmer, 27, filed a police report against Pierce, claiming he was sexually assaulted aged 20 following a night out in 2017.

Helmer filed the complaint in Los Angeles on June 1, 2023, though due to a procedural error, the police department didn’t return his report until December 20 – the LAPD did not respond to a request for comment by the publication,

In Helmer’s complaint, he told police he reported his allegations after he read Pierce had been accused of rape by McGarrigle.

Helmer told police he met Pierce in 2017 while working at a popular Los Angeles bar, claiming the pair exchanged numbers and social media accounts.

Helmer told police he ‘does not have any recollection of the events that occurred after he drank the Mojito’ – but recalled ‘waking up completely naked on a bed and believed to be at Pierce’s residence.’

The complaint reads: ‘[Helmer] asked Pierce what happened last night and why he was naked. Pierce responded with, “We had sex, and there was another guy involved that you brought in.”

Shangela Instagram

By the time Helmer realized he had been sexually assaulted, he ‘believed’ he had not gathered enough evidence to file a police report. Instead, his housemate Jay and his current boyfriend Josh were informed of the allegation in 2017 – both of whom confirmed to the publication that they heard details of the assault.

McGarrigle’s 2023 suit claimed Pierce raped him in a Louisiana hotel room following a 2020 crew party.

McGarrigle claims in the suit that Pierce insisted on buying him drinks and shots for various sections of the crew – and says every drink he had that evening was purchased and handed to him by Pierce.

The suit further alleges that after the party Pierce invited McGarrigle back to his hotel room to help him pack for an early morning flight.

The suit stated that McGarrigle later woke up to a cold liquid being poured on his face, burning his eyes and nose.

McGarrigle alleged that the liquid was a type of poppers, a chemical inhalant sometimes used during sex to relax muscles and create a euphoric head rush.

The suit states that McGarrigle’s ‘pants were pulled down’ and that Pierce initiated anal sex without using a condom.

former production assistant Daniel McGarrigle

On HBO, Shangela co-hosts ‘We’re Here,’ a show in which she and two other drag queens recruit small-town residents to perform in a one-night drag show.

Peirce has not yet released a statement on the new allegations or lawsuit.


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