Home Politics RFK Jr. Delivers His Own State of the Union Address (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

RFK Jr. Delivers His Own State of the Union Address (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

RFK Jr. Delivers His Own State of the Union Address (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. released his own State of the Union address last night on X.

Kennedy started his address by reminiscing about America’s past as an exemplary nation that was a moral authority around the globe.

Kennedy stated that our country was renowned for its integrity, was envied for its freedoms, and had an economy that allowed citizens to provide for their families with a single salary.

He then turned to the state of America today and shared, “Neither my uncle nor my father would recognize the version of America we have today. We have become a nation of chronic illness, violence, loneliness, depression, division, and poverty.

The presidential candidate continued, “Our great cities are becoming tent encampments, modern-day Hoovervilles filled with undocumented immigrants and dispossessed Americans and people living in their cars plagued with addiction and mental illness.”

Kennedy then zeroed in on the drug epidemic and pointed out more people have died from drug overdoses in the last decade than in 20 years in the Vietnam War.


Recently, the Kennedy campaign has garnered enough signatures to get on the ballot in Nevada, Hawaii, Utah, Georgia, and New Hampshire.

Kennedy’s campaign has raised concerns among the Democratic Party and, in a recent CNN broadcast, host Van Jones shared that people are “underestimating” Bobby Kennedy.



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