Home Politics Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Florida Ballots Were Flagged as “Blank” and Later Adjudicated | The Gateway Pundit

Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Florida Ballots Were Flagged as “Blank” and Later Adjudicated | The Gateway Pundit

Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Florida Ballots Were Flagged as “Blank” and Later Adjudicated | The Gateway Pundit


This article originally appeared on “Immutable Truth – Election Integrity” and was republished with permission.

Michael Thompson is the latest chairman for the Lee County Florida Republican Executive Committee. He secured this position in Lee County due to his affiliation with General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne and his tenure at the America Project. Thompson used this association to win over the members of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee.

Once he secured the position he rapidly went about subverting election integrity efforts in Lee County Florida. Why would someone associated with General Flynn and Patrick Byrne do such a thing?

Chris Quackenbush in Lee County uncovered an interesting dataset in the ES&S EL45A Election Summary Results. This find was “the spark” that helped expose election fraud and solve the largest legal problem facing American who were contesting election results.


Source: Immutable Truth – Election Integrity

Chris asked me to help her see if what she had identified in Lee County was going on elsewhere in Florida based on my effectiveness in obtaining data and election fraud evidence via public records requests.

What we found throughout the State of Florida (America’s Gold Standard For Elections) was shocking. Hundreds of thousands of ballots cast by Florida voters were adjudicated as 100% BLANK by ES&S Tabulators.

Source: Immutable Truth – Election Integrity
Source: Immutable Truth – Election Integrity

As Chris Quackenbush was gaining real traction in Lee County on our BLANK BALLOT investigation as the acting election integrity chairperson, Michael Thompson shut down her efforts and removed her as election integrity chairperson. Why would he do that? Why would Thompson try to shut down a real investigation that was bearing REAL fruit?

As I would later find out from the the very lips of Michael Thompson, he was offered a cookie, aka bribe from the new RPOF Chairman Zeigler. Thompson was promised to be made the RPOF election integrity chairman if he shut down the investigation in the machine fraud and the efforts to get rid of the voting machines in favor of hand counted paper ballots. What would you be willing to trade.

Why would Christian Zeigler want to shutdown the election fraud via election machines and the massive conspiracy with the Florida Election Fraud Mafia? Who would benefit from exposing the massive election fraud in Florida? Ron DeSantis was a massive beneficiary and an active participant in the massive Election Fraud RICO Enterprise who destroyed evidence in Florida that could have been used to stop the steal nationwide. But apparently, DeSantis was also offered a cookie to betray President Donald J Trump, Florida voters and all Americans. That bribe was the offer to be the next GOP Presidential nominee if he helped cover up the theft of the 2020 Presidential Election.

During my conversation with Thompson about his removal of Chris Quackenbush, I informed him of the massive importance of what we had found and how his efforts had done far more harm than good.

Thompson informed me of what my problem was. I was unaware that I had a problem with my work as it had been arguably some of the most truly effective work in the field.

When Thompson removed Chris Quackenbush, he appointed Ted Reese in her place. He promptly informed Ted that there would be no efforts to get rid of the machines.

Thompson had been offered a bribe to actively work against real election integrity efforts, and his PRIZE was to be awarded the Chairman position for election integrity. He apparently did not see how this moral compromise was prima facie evidence of a true lack of integrity. To Thompson, this is politics, it was not a big deal and less sophisticated political operatives just didn’t “get it”.

What Michael Thompson either failed to comprehend or was conveniently overlooking was that this effort on his part to shut down the theft of elections via machines was a total act of betrayal to the MAGA movement, the citizens of Lee County, the State of Florida and to Americans across the nation.

I have great respect for Chris Quackenbush and Ted Reese, they have true integrity. They are truly MAGA patriots who actually care about the sanctity of our elections. It was their efforts in Lee County Florida to pass a resolution to get rid of the voting machines and do a hand count of the paper ballots. This was in spite of the best efforts of Michael Thompson. This movement has since spread across the state of Florida and is now gaining traction across America. Why are resolutions so important? Here is a great article by Robert Valenta explaining why.

As a result of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee passing this resolution Thompson did not get the prize of the RPOF Election Integrity Chair.

Thompson has since labeled anyone who challenges him and his personal agenda as rinos or stupid people who don’t understand how things “REALLY WORK” and has worked hard to exact his petty revenge.

What Michael “MAGA JUDAS” Thompson fails to grasp or refuses to grasp is that his efforts are nothing short of treason and would certainly fall into the category of subversive activities according the the Florida Treason Statute.

His part in the conspiracy to cover up the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of Florida voters by the Florida Election Fraud Mafia and the corrupt Florida Supervisors of Elections is unforgivable.

Why is that you ask?

Your right to have a say in government has effectively been removed.

Our ballots are not being cast legally as we intend them to be cast. Our votes are not being counted accurately.

There is no longer any consent of the governed.

Both Peter and Judas betrayed Jesus.

Judas betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of silver.

Peter betrayed Jesus by denying that he knew him.

Thompson betrayed MAGA, Florida, America and the duly elected President of the United States Donald J Trump.

The BLANK BALLOTS were one of the keys to uncovering the coup, the key to uncovering how the election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump.

The BLANK BALLOTS solved the legal issue of standing in all of the election related lawsuits.

So rather than repent of his sins and turn from his wicked ways as Peter did, Thompson has doubled down and is attacking and defaming Kim Reese and the real MAGA patriots in Lee County Florida.

When the truth of this all of Thompson’s lies, deceit and self dealing comes to light just like Judas, it will have been better for Thompson to have never been born.

Robert Valenta from Lee County has done an amazing job at documenting the level of Michael “MAGA JUDAS” Thompson’s betrayals. Here are a few links for you to read and help you arrive at your own “Educated Position”: https://substack.com/@robertvalenta

Michael Thompson is the epitome of a Judas Goat.

Do you know what a Judas Goat is?

Michael Thompson likes to garner sympathy with claims that he is terminally ill or is battling a multitude of serious ailments. I personally do not know if this is true or not.

If this is in fact true and not just another of Thompson’s cons, then he should step aside, retire from politics and let real “America First” patriots fight the good fight and stop the theft of our elections through massive election fraud.

Why waste your last days betraying your nation and your fellow Americans? Are the 30 pieces of silver really worth the price of your soul?

How did that work out for Judas? How will this work out for Michael Thompson?


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