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R+Co Zipper Styling Lotion: My Honest Review

R+Co Zipper Styling Lotion: My Honest Review


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Another day, another R+Co product that’s caught my attention and won’t let go. As a refresher, I’m a longtime fan of the brand, devoting sacred shower and vanity space to both the R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray and Thickening Treatment, the R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Foam, and the brand’s Balloon Dry Volume Spray (just to name a few). All of these products are beautifully packaged, delightfully scented, and (most importantly) jaw-droppingly effective. Suffice to say, considering how many R+Co formulas have wowed me at this point, I’m always up for trying the brand’s latest and greatest innovations—which brings us to today’s topic: the R+Co. Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion ($32).

R+Co, Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion — $32.00

Key ingredients: rice bran extract, rice seed protein, shea butter, vitamin E, pantheol

  • Leaves hair extremely shiny and smooth
  • Fights frizz
  • Vegan, cruelty-free formula
  • Paraben- and gluten-free
  • Doubles as heat-protectant spray
  • Not as long-lasting on next-day hair
  • Only activates with heat

The R+Co Zipper difference

The R+Co Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion is specifically formulated to fight frizz and add shine. It’s infused with texturizing rice bran extract, strengthening rice seed protein, moisturizing liquid shea butter, protective vitamin E, and softening and shine-enhancing black chia seed oil. To achieve the results these ingredients deliver, though, heat must be applied. That’s because heat activates the ingredients to set styles, seal ends, and deliver “blinding shine.”

Needless to say, with such high claims, I couldn’t wait to give this R+Co newbie a try.

My review

The Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray ($27) has long been my go-to for frizz-fighting action. It’s so good that I buy it in full-size and miniature bottles so that I always have it on hand, whether I’m at home or traveling. Due to my next-level love for this anti-frizz spray, I rarely so much as try other heat-styling products for taming my strands. But when I saw R+Co launched its newcomer, the Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion, I made an exception.

To determine just how well it really works, I tested the lightweight styling lotion on damp, naked strands after shampooing and conditioning with the Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner ($64) (no leave-in conditioner in sight). While I’m used to spritzing my hair with anti-frizz goodness, the Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion is an ultra-lightweight formula (more like a slightly thicker serum) designed to be massaged into strands. Knowing that my roots can look oily and weighed down quite quickly—one of the downsides of having ultra-fine hair—I was hesitant to massage it from roots to ends, but I wanted the full frizz-free, high-shine effect, so I proceeded with caution by applying just two pumps on each side of my part (I have long hair, so that’s really not a lot, as the dispenser is modest). I brushed it through a few times (I found it worked well as a detangler, too) and then blew it out using my Dyson Airwrap.

Y’all, the results! While I’ll never be one to kiss my beloved Dream Coat goodbye, I’ll most definitely be making room for the R+Co Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion in my routine. The ultra-moisturizing formula does exactly what it claims and works impressively well to seal my ends. For reference, I’m in dire need of a haircut; my ends are totally parched. Whenever I’ve air-dried my hair with styling products recently, my dead-ends show and my locks look thirsty. With the Zipper Styling Lotion, though, I just have to apply some heat with my Airwrap and my hair looks glossy and healthy, almost as if it’s been freshly trimmed.

In addition to drastically smoothing and de-frizzing my strands, this lotion pumps up the shine even more than Dream Coat does. I was shocked; Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it—it seemed too good to be true—but when I went to my best friend’s house for dinner, she genuinely asked me what I was using in my hair because she’d never seen it so shiny. Music to my ears!

Now, if you’re wondering why the R+Co Zipper Styling Lotion doesn’t automatically trump Dream Coat, here’s why: the results aren’t as long-lasting. When I use Dream Coat, my strands stay signed, sealed, and delivered free from frizz for upwards of 48 hours. Meanwhile, I have found that after sleeping on my Zipper-doused strands, I have more bedhead than I do without anything in my hair.  It’s not a disheveled mess all over or anything, but when I wake up, I have singular frizzy strands popping up left and right—it’s as if the product makes my hair more statically charged (if that’s a thing). While a few passes of my Mason Pearson Boars Bristle Brush smooth them down, the texture definitely doesn’t look as nice as the first night—it’s more deflated. The shine, on the other hand, still serves.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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