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Ranavat Glossing Hair Masque for Damaged Strands

Ranavat Glossing Hair Masque for Damaged Strands


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As I approached the final week of my thirties, I wanted to go out with a bang—and what better way to do it than with a hair transformation? I decided on a whim that I would enter my next decade with a layered, shoulder-length chop dyed three different shades of red. As anyone who’s ever colored their hair knows, though, you can’t just slap red highlights onto dark brown hair (my natural color) and expect to see any noticeable difference—which meant that I would have to start my shade shift with bleach. A lot of bleach.

When my six-hour hair appointment had finished and my transformation was complete, I was thrilled. But though I left the salon looking like a freshly blown-out queen (thanks to Los Angeles-based colorist and stylist Gregga Prothero) I knew my Cinderella moment would be over as soon as I washed my hair at home and the chemical damage to my strands became visible.

Thankfully, that very week, I was asked to review the new Ranavat Glossing Hair Masque ($65) ahead of its launch. Considering the formula promises to make dry, damaged hair appear healthier, shinier, and more moisturized, I put all of my faith into its ability to make my freshly-dyed strands look (and feel) their best.

What is Ranavat’s Glossing Hair Masque?

Ranavat’s Glossing Hair Masque—which took two years to develop—is inspired by Ayurvedic hair-care practices and was designed to work on all hair types.

“The Glossing Hair Masque works from the inside out, strengthening and hydrating your hair from roots to ends,” says celebrity hairstylist Sophia Porter. “Your hair will feel like silk in under five minutes.”

The mask’s hero ingredient is transparent henna, which helps to up the glossiness of even the driest, most damaged hair. “South Asians have been using henna in our hair for ages, but because it typically leaves a color deposit, it’s been put on the side,” explains Ranavat founder Michelle Ranavat. “After a lot of work, we found a way to extract the shine and hydration properties of the ingredient without the color deposit.”

The formula ups its hydration benefits even further with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and moringa oil (which also acts as a heat protectant). “Hyaluronic acid in hair care still isn’t as prominent as you might think,” says Porter. “This product will be great for people who experience hair dehydration. Then, combined with the henna and moringa oil, you’ll have fantastic shine.”

What’s more, as the latest product in the brand’s Regenerative Veda⁴ Bond Complex line (which already includes a shampoo and conditioner), the mask also features an Ayurvedic bond-strengthening complex that’s clinically proven to repair strands with every application.

What happened when I tried the Ranavat Glossing Hair Masque

Thanks to my stylist’s expert blowout skills, I didn’t fully recognize just how damaged my hair was until after my first post-appointment wash. The second I rinsed my shampoo out of my hair, I could feel the difference—my strands felt parched and heavy in a way they hadn’t before. Applying conditioner helped a little, but every time I touched my hair I was well aware of the impact of my recent chemical treatment.

Ranavat promised that a generous application of the mask to my roots and ends would repair my hair in under five minutes, and after a single treatment, I can confirm she was right. After letting the formula sit for five minutes and rinsing it out, my hair felt silky and nourished.

Interestingly enough, immediately after I treated myself to an at-home blowout, my split ends became more evident (though that was expected, and my hair still felt extremely soft and nourished). But! Once the hair was lived in for a few days, it looked so healthy and normal that the effects of the chemical damage were nowhere to be found.

Given these results, I can confidently say that this product will absolutely be integrated into my regular routine. Ranavat recommends turning the treatment into a relaxation ritual by pairing it with the brand’s Kansa Comb ($70) to create “a decadent massage that releases tension and encourages scalp stimulation, which is great for hair growth” (something she says is deeply valued in Ayurvedic and South Asian culture).

The mask’s $65 price tag is no doubt a hefty one, so it may not be in everyone’s budget. I will say, however, if your hair has been chemically treated or suffers from significant wear and tear, it’s absolutely a worthwhile investment, especially when you think about saving trips to the salon. I’m actually on day four since applying the mask, and my hair gets better each day.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.


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