Home Top 10 PS5 Pro may be an upscaling titan, analysis of leaked specs shows

PS5 Pro may be an upscaling titan, analysis of leaked specs shows

PS5 Pro may be an upscaling titan, analysis of leaked specs shows


The PS5 Pro leak has set the gaming work ablaze this week and the excitement levels have been kicked-up a notch by a new analysis of that leaked spec sheet.

Digital Foundry, an autority in matters such as this, has taken a deep dive into the specs and believes the jump from PS5 to PS5 Pro will be greater than the jump from PS4 to PS4 Pro in at least one department – upscaling.

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The analysis says this’ll be felt in terms of the “perceptual increase in resolution” achieved in part by AI-based upscaling, as well as a much larger GPU unit. This will mean PS4 era games could be rapidly upscaled to look convincing at the 4K resolution and could also see an upgrade to many PS5 games.

The site says:

“PS4 Pro effectively doubled the size of the GPU and doubled compute unit count, while PS5 Pro ‘only’ increases the size by 67 percent. However, thanks to machine learning-based upscaling, I believe that PS5 Pro should be able to deliver a far higher perceptual increase in resolution vs PS5 than the PS4 Pro did against its junior variant.”

Digital Foundry

The report continues by saying: “A game internally rendering at 1080p can be upscaled to a convincing-looking 4K image in two milliseconds.”

The report comes after the specification leaks revealed something called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), which is the console equivalent of DLSS, which Nvidia has used to great effect in its RTX GPU line.

That upscaling tech could eventually bring 4K 120fps and 8K 60fps gaming to future consoles – although not for the PS5 Pro. With the aid of PSSR, Sony is targeting 4K 60fps and 8K 30fps, reports have suggested.

Elsewhere, the report remarks that the PS5 Pro could have an extra 1.2GB of RAM available to games. While the spec sheet revealed the 16GB of GDDR6 RAM within the PS5 could be retained in the PS5 Pro, Digital Foundry reckons Sony has “clawed back” the extra RAM for use by developers.


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