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Pro-Hamas Protestors Try to Take Over FOX News Headquarters in NYC (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Left wing pro-Hamas protesters tried to take over the headquarters of FOX News in New York City this week.

These people constantly claim to be against colonialism, but what do they do? They invade and try to take over the spaces of other people. The irony is completely lost on them.

More than half of these dopes probably don’t even understand the historical and political implications of what they’re protesting.

RedState reported:

They’re back! Fresh from their one-night attempted takeover of the DNC in Washington, D.C., a cabal of Hamas-loving protesters somehow muscled their way into the New York City headquarters of Fox News on Friday…

It was, therefore, no surprise that Fox News found itself as one of those targets. They’re the enemy of the left on a typical day; they’re really in the crosshairs right now because they don’t toe the antisemitic line advocated by the pro-Hamas crowd (and many in the Democrat Party).

The Friday incident saw around thirty members of the radically leftist and antisemitic ANSWER Coalition, which has been behind many of the Pro-Hamas rallies in recent weeks, rush the lobby of the News Corp building, home to Fox News. One protestor banged a drum while the mob chanted, “Fox News, Fox News, you can’t hide, your lies cover up genocide.”

The crowd looked very much like every other “from the river to the sea” gathering of recent weeks. Instead of pitchforks and torches, they wield megaphones and face masks. Always with the masks, these brave warriors.

See a video below:

When will anyone on the left face any real consequences for this kind of behavior? It just keeps happening and nothing is done about it.

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