Home Politics Poll Finds Trump Would Be Virtually Doomed If Convicted In Manhattan

Poll Finds Trump Would Be Virtually Doomed If Convicted In Manhattan

Poll Finds Trump Would Be Virtually Doomed If Convicted In Manhattan


A new poll shows that a criminal conviction in Manhattan would gravely wound and potentially doom Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Politico asked Ipsos to poll the American people on Trump’s criminal cases and the Supreme Court, and they found some very bad news for Trump with Independents.

This is what Politico reported:

A plurality of respondents — 44 percent — said that a conviction in Manhattan would have no impact on their likelihood to support Trump for president, but that is far from the whole story.

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Among those respondents who said that a conviction would influence their decision, the numbers were not good for Trump.

By a more than 2-1 margin, respondents said that a conviction would make them less likely to support Trump (32 percent) as opposed to more likely (13 percent). Notably, more than a third of independents said it would reduce their likelihood to support Trump. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of respondents who said that a conviction would bolster their support were Republicans.

A Felony Conviction In Manhattan Would Make Trump Virtually Unelectable

Trump has not been able to win back Nikki Haley voters who voted against him in the Republican presidential primary. The former president appears to only have the support of roughly 65%-70% of Republicans, so he is teetering on the edge of being unelectable. Many of those Republicans may hold their noses and vote for Trump in November.

If Trump gets convicted in Manhattan, and a third of Independents rule him out, it would potentially doom his campaign, as the Republican Party would find itself in a situation where they would have a nominee who can’t get enough potential voters to support him.

Donald Trump becomes virtually unelectable if he gets convicted of a felony.

It is clear now that the Republican spin that the criminal cases help Trump is a complete fantasy. A Trump criminal conviction would do grave damage to his campaign.

Voters may not be locked in on the election yet, but they already know that many will not vote for a convicted felon in November.

e their move or pack up and end this investigation.

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