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Please don’t buy an iPhone 14 this week

Please don’t buy an iPhone 14 this week


OPINION: The iPhone 14 and its pricier iPhone 14 Pro sibling are two of my favourite phones from the past 12 months. It might be a surprise to you then to hear me say you shouldn’t buy either of them this week.

My advice isn’t because they are not good, even great, phones. They both have sharp screens, excellent cameras, smart software that’s frequently updated and some of the sleekest designs around. Yet, if you hold out until next week, you might end up with a much better buy.

Apple has announced its latest event will be taking place on Tuesday, September 14 and it is expected to see the announcements of up to four new iPhone models. These should include refreshed versions of both the regular iPhone and its plus-sized counterpart, alongside the higher-end, higher-priced Pro models.

A ‘like new’ iPhone 13 Pro for only £799

GiffGaff’s refurbished department is offering this incredible deal on the good-as-new iPhone 13 Pro, an excellent phone, at a shockingly low price.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, online rumblings about the new phones suggest this could be one of the bigger updates we’ve seen in recent years. Leaks and analyst comments have suggested the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will inherit the Dynamic Island first seen with the iPhone 14 and possibly increase the number of megapixels found inside its camera sensor.

iPhone 14 Plus side
iPhone 14 Plus

It’s also safe to assume there will be a swathe of new colours and an updated chipset – again likely taken from the iPhone 14 Pro.

Switching over to the iPhone 15 Pro, rumoured features for the high-end model include a titanium frame with a tweaked design and a curvier finish, a 3nm chipset plus a bounty of improvements to the camera – maybe even including optical zoom.

Perhaps the biggest change this year will be the switch from the Lightning port, which has adorned iPhones for over a decade, to the same USB-C type connector found on iPads, MacBooks and Android phones. We have longed for Apple to use this connector thanks to its ability to charge faster, transfer data quicker and work with more devices and it seems that, with a little help from the EU, it is finally happening.

Possible price drop incoming

Even if none of these updates sound tempting, or you’re fixated on an iPhone 14, then it’s still best to wait. Apple has, in the past, reduced the prices of its outgoing devices at the same time that it announces new models, so the same phone will most likely be a lot cheaper from Apple this time next week.

We’d also expect to see more deals from other retailers in the wake of the new device launch, whether it’s to match Apple’s altered price structure or to attempt to clear as much stock as possible before the iPhone 15 arrives on shelves.

So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your phone to an iPhone 14 just wait – you’ll either get a few upgrades for likely a similar price to what you’ll pay today, or save a bit of cash thanks to a price reduction.


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